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  1. Unless you're counting the leaks; I haven't had a stock rom on my phone since I bought it. I'm on the newest one right now 4.000.07 and running Gingerounay 2.5.1. My gf is still on 3.027 and running T&L.
  2. Myself and my girlfriend both have Liquid MT's and they constantly drop calls. Doesn't matter where I am calling from or who. I can barely talk for 2 minutes and the phone call just hangs up. I've already broken one phone because it hung up on my 3 times in a row during a conversation. Its not the signal (because it happens everywhere and our previous phones did not have this problem). I doesn't matter what rom i'm running (T&L, Gingerounay, DMD) They all do it. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem? Rogers won't do a damn thing for me and I am very close to breaking a second phone.
  3. i have the same problem but I think it has to do with flashing a rom several times. I did some research on the error and I think you need to wipe your SD card and do a fresh install of all your apps. I haven't tried this yet but it makes sense for me. I've reflashed my phone at least 30 times and I haven't wiped the card, just kept transferring my apps over the previous versions. I haven't had a chance yet but i'll try this weekend and let you know
  4. So is it possible to replace the lock screen and dialer to the Android version rather than the Acer version? I'm assuming I would need to replace some files as there doesn't seem to be anything in the menu to change this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Am I able to switch over to the Android UI? I don't like the Acer UI :)
  6. Just note that Titanium backup can and will move everything to your SD. However certain apps need to be on your phone if you want to use their widgets. This is a known Android bug that has yet to be fixed.
  7. I believe the messaging notification was working with Gingerounay (I just switched over to T&L so I'm only going by memory). One thing I've noticed in t&l is that the volume is MUCH lower than in Gingerounay. I even have a volume booster but that doesn't help much. Volume is ok without the headphones but with headphones its sooo low. Anyone know of a way I can hack that and increase the volume? Otherwise t&l is awesome.
  8. How about ROM size/free space? Any NOTICEABLE improvement over 2.3.4? Google Wallet looks pretty good but considering there is only approximately 5 vendors in the world that will accept this as payment; its not enough for me to upgrade. Maybe I'll just wait for Ice Cream Sandwich :)
  9. You don't use ADT to partition the SD card. You can follow this guide to partition (Note that if you are running a stock 2.3 you won't be able to partition the SD card as you need r00t permissions) http://androidandme.com/2009/08/news/how-to-manually-partition-your-sd-card-for-android-apps2sd/
  10. Ok so got my phone back from Acer. My board was replaced as well...not sure how I did that but anyway. So I've flashed the new bin and installed the recovery image, but I can't get into the recovery. It keeps giving me a triangle with an exclamation mark inside just as it starts to load the recovery and then reboots. Then I remembered that I cannot get into the recovery image unless my phone is rooted. BUT I CAN"T ROOT IT!! This phone is ridiculous to root. Super1Click gets to "running psneuter" and thats it....just hangs. Z4root attempts to get root shell and then kicks me back to my main desktop. If i launch it again i get a blank white screen until I reboot. WTF is going on with this thing anyway...anyone have any ideas on what I can do? I have tried this on 2 different PC's, both have been rebooted several times, phone has been rebooted, I've tried playing with usb debugging (toggle on/off). I've never had a phone so hard to root before....
  11. Thanks for trying vache, but no good. Cache is still full and I still get the error about the recovery log when booted into recovery. :)
  12. Well its listed as "universal", but I'm at the point now where I can't do much more damage to the phone (if I do happen to brick it somehow, I can always send it back to Acer) and I want to know how to fix something like this (the other reason I haven't sent the phone back yet). The link is: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=717874 There are a few other related links but this one seems to be the most complete. Also in this thread he (Firerat) talks about corrupting partitions and says thats its very straight forward to fix! (HAHA). He mentions the fastboot erase system -w (which I have tried several times and does not correct this issue) but he also mentions an adb command that I tried but can't get to work (probably because its a clockwork recovery option only?) the command is: for i in system cache userdata;do erase_image $i;done but when I try that command it cannot find erase_image
  13. Ok so I was lazy yesterday and I didn't want to go to the Rogers store. @vache, I have found a few posts on xda developers regarding resizing partitions. I tried to run the recovery.zip file that they created to do that and it seemed to work, but I believe the key combination to get back into recovery is different from our phone and I can't complete the steps. Is this something you could modify or do you know the commands that the recovery image runs? is it possible to use PARTED to erase the entire phone and recreate the partitions? I think I've asked this before but I don't think I've ever received an answer. Flash memory or not, you should still be able to wipe it and repartition it like any other drive..I just don't know linux well enough to do it.
  14. Well I have no idea what happened then. I wiped my phone completely (including my SD card) before flashing the updated .zip. I did flash the bin before i wiped the phone though, so maybe it was that. Either way the phone is going back to acer.
  15. Well i'm not sure how you tried to upgrade, but I used the old version of the recovery image and wiped all of my phone data. I unfortunately missed the part that said I shouldn't clear the cache and thats how I ended up where I am. I'm guessing that something in the code for the 2.3.4 release didn't jive with the old recovery version and corrupted the partition.
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