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  1. Hello there, as you can see from the title, I can't play any of the games I download from market and i have over 11gb on my memory card left. Is there a solution to this? Thanks and here is the msg once again: "You do not have enough available space on your memory card to install the game. You need to delete 40mb from you applications"
  2. Hi there, I recently bought a Galaxy tab Sprint CDMA, and Im new to this and I wanted to know how to boot into recovery mode. thanks
  3. OK! Sorry for that, i was in desperation and ive fixed my problem :rolleyes:
  4. hi there, i have encountered a problem where I cannot see the Adb or nvdia harmony. can someone tell me why?
  5. Hello there, I posted a topic yesterday pertaining to flashing my device. I read the full instructions for the Corvus5 ROM, the only problem i have is choosing and understanding how both the clockwork recovery and the non-clockwork recovery (WINDOWS) works. If im using a clockwork recovery, will I still need an adb? and what does this adb and how does it work ? And lastly, which is more recommended, thanks.
  6. Toonday


    yes but i dont really understand this thing, can you tell me the whole situation please?
  7. Toonday


    how to boot into recovery mode
  8. Toonday


    Hello there, Im new to this forum and I just bought my Advent Vega yesterday and I tried following the instructions but its just not working for me. I dont understand the whole steps to achieving recovery mode on the device. Can anyone give me a more concise and less vague explanation on how to flash the Modaco R8? thanks
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