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  1. I installed the earlier version yesterday , and found the setting to get English language. I hope in the later versions the English version is FULL english , and not still half chinese. I also want to know if it's possible to change to other languages (by installing app or so ? ) , because I would like to have the Dutch language. Thanks , Kuoi
  2. I've tried that before , but it gave me some errors and fc's on boot. Seems to me that you only can delete non-system apps. I think if there is some kind of link in a system file to that particular app the rom will not work correct if you delete it. But I could be wrong ,and deleted to much on my tryout ;-) Good luck , and if it works I hope you'll upload it. :)
  3. After gps-fix everything worked , but ... When you turn gps off ,and then on again , it doesn't work anymore. I usually don't turn it off , but wanted to test it , and it seems not to work right. :(
  4. You can find tha addon on first page ... but i've copied it to here :) ZTE DIALER/CONTACTS/MMS+EMODE+EMODE HELPER Here Have to wipe data/factory reset , wipe cache and wipe Dalvik Cache or it won't work
  5. Installing this version within 2 minutes .. :) EDIT : You should make a ZTE Dialer - version too imo . :blush: but thanks for the new version of your very good working rom;
  6. That's news to me .... So some FC's , errors , reboots , "stuck on green android" etc. ... are NOT because of not wiping Dalvik cache , system partition or anything else ? I surtenly will try it out on my following flash of a rom ... wich will be soon I suppose :) ( I love flashing roms)
  7. http://wiki.frandroid.com/wiki/Liste_des_ROMs_pour_le_ZTE_Blade
  8. I'm using version three now ,and it's working very fast and smooth. If battery life is ok , I could keep it. BTW : Overnight battery drain -0% , so it looks good :rolleyes:
  9. How can we check that ? I don't use it ,and don't think I have this problem ... but you never know.
  10. I install this one ,and it's working fine. ZTE Dialer Have to wipe data/factory reset , wipe cache and wipe Dalvik Cache or it won't work
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