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  1. @Trip, do you have the original 2.3.3 SE firmware that can use with flash tool? can you post it up also.?
  2. I noticed that it happens when using root explore and within root explore you use the option to close/exit. but if you just back out the app by clicking back till the app closes I don't get the problem.
  3. is a bug I think, happens when I use root explore or apps that require root at least from what I see when using .4
  4. sounds good......and to think I was just getting all comfy with Froyo 1.7. time to backup and get ready the the GB release.. Thanks Trip.
  5. B) let the celebration begin Trip...... btw: on BB .61 with 1.7, working perfect! will report if any issues.
  6. @trip, are you planning on adding any new goodies before making final??
  7. Not sure about this... I only lose 3-4% of battery life overnight. I'm using with BB .61
  8. So far no major issues, still testing. My setup is as follows: ROM 1.6.9 BB .61 with Trip Wifi fix only thing i notice so far which is minor and I think already reported because it's the same issue that was in 1.6.5. In the SMS summary the first SMS entry gets cut by the status bar. else all is great, thanks Trip. Signal - OK data - ok YouTube - ok camera - ok camcorder - ok market - no problem with downloading and updating facebook - ok calls - no issue SMS - my minor issue reported above MMS - ok BT - ok wifi - working after install Trip wifi patch for BB 61 Miui backup - all worked browser - ok battery - still testing, will report back vid playback - ok sync - ok
  9. you sure? I'm running the updated 1.6.9 with BB .61 was having wifi issues not connecting but then I ran Trip wifi fix not having any issues with wifi been running only on wifi for about 30 minutes straight no issues..
  10. @Trip, NICE! ;) I think you mentioned that BB61 would be the choice for this release?? I think you can see we can't wait...lol
  11. :P nice...is native tether going to be part of this release?? just wondering as you mentioned that you almost got it working...
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