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  1. I have one (had one when I'd just have flashed the ROM), and before I turned it off i got WLOD's in browser and Facebook app.
  2. For fixing WLOD's in browser, facebook etc, just turn off everything in the "Firewall" app.
  3. Really looking forward for a kernel trip. You never know what you can acomplish, especially with an unlocked bootloader. :DD
  4. haha damn-it your awesome! :D guess what i'll be flashing?

  5. The new TripNMiUI xperia rom is almost available read the topic. :)

  6. Trip please come back to the X10! :((

  7. Does it include Swedish? :D Sent from my X10 TripNMiUI-1.8.19 using Tapatalk
  8. Who gives a f*ck about the name of the ROM, lol? Hes ROMs are good, thats what matters imo. :D
  9. Please tell me Swedish is supported in next version! :D Sent from my X10 TripNMiUI-Iris using Tapatalk
  10. Lol no bugs so far! This is freaking awesome! :D Sent from my X10 TripNMiUI-Iris using Tapatalk
  11. Really nice ROM! :D Runs pretty god d*mn smooth! :) Made this "banner" for you for fun, if you want it you can use it!
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