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  1. Well i'm quite pissed now that the kernel keeps rebooting so besides 015 i dont have much. The current kernel just isnt gonna work with all those closed source modules from htc. So we need an new kernel to move forward
  2. Can you tell me with options i need to enable for that in config?
  3. https://github.com/TripNRaVeR/tripndroid-endeavoru-3.0/commits/android-tegra-nv-3.1 :)
  4. He dont thinks init.d he is working on some parts from my kernel source
  5. I dont see the error shaky thinks he does, so i have my bets on him to fix it. There isnt much i can do right now cause the reboot is to annoying
  6. I'm getting help from shaky153 when the reboot is fixed it can be released almost inmediatly
  7. They dont want my work! And lol i dont need to be nicer THEY should have been nicer then i would have shared some stuff. I dont ask them anything, they want my stuff so they atleast need to show some respect hopefully they learn it sometime.
  8. Well i suggest you to read back in this topic and read especially the posts from xda peepz saying that they dont need me and will solve everything so fast because they are a team and you now you ask for help? Lol you dont need me (and remember i'm just quoting others here)
  9. Exactly it is extremely anoying its basicly impossible to debug it like this
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