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  1. Somewhere on xda there was a custom rom flashable via pg58img maybe that could help to get it working. Or try the unlock method for ota ics Update also posted on xd.
  2. On test 6 everything fine for me what im using. But some bugs in tripn setting.. Weather is not working,nothing to see. App selection and notifications for lockscreen are not working. Wifi works, both tethering usb and wifi dont work. Greets
  3. I dont think z4 will help you,for root u need to s-off i think
  4. Usb debugging enabled? Open the file with admin rights?
  5. Im getting reboot at Start. So i guess i have to flash a ics firnware Before? Im on gb stock. If yes,which i should flash?
  6. Any spezial things needed For this ROM? Like a recommend Radio /baseband? Or just install and enjoy? Greets
  7. I i have the same issue.correct me if I'm wrong, but why it should be battery related when on trips rom the batt don't get so warm? I was on stock and all where good.now on arhd it really gets hot , so for me it's rom problem..i tried to slow down the frequency but still hot..i think for now it's voltage.any way to reduce it manually and if, which are the stock voltages?
  8. As Seen in op Turn your phone ON and right after the vibration connect your USB cable again to your PC. 4. Start the qsd8250_semc.cmd file from QSD8250 folder 5. WHEN flashtool recognizes your phone (root permitions and some other buttons can be pressed) CLOSE flashtool and press any key on qsd8250_semc window 6. If the process will succeed you´ll get something like this: process requires standard 2.x android firmware. Press any key to continue . . . Getting ROOT rights. 1464 KB/s (585731 bytes in 0.390s) error: protocol fault (no status) Waiting ... Removing NAND MPU restrictions via SEMC backdoor. Permanent. Require ROOT rights. 192 KB/s (3087 bytes in 0.015s) success Waiting ... Getting ROOT rights. Waiting ... Writing patched semcboot. Two step process First, we need get access to semcboot area 504 KB/s (8064 bytes in 0.015s) Second, we need to write semcboot ;) 1531 KB/s (588236 bytes in 0.375s) successfully wrote 0001ff80 Press any key to continue . . . 7. Now run Kernel Upgrade file on flashtool 8. Reboot and try to enter on xRecovery and Wipe Dalvik-Cache 9. Reboot your phone and copy/paste the dowloaded wifi modules from SDCARD to the correct places with root explorer (or something like that). On every pasted files long press, set permitions on every boxes note: these files (both) should go to /system/lib/modules 10. Power OFF your phone and flash your kernel choice (Stock or Doom´s one) through flashtool
  9. He could if He wants. His tweaks are amazing. Lukes Rom is in stability and Bug free the best atm imo Greets
  10. öhm i have oO i use his kernal ( X10i_FXP-MIUI_Luke1215.ftf) provided in his op.. without ur pack everything is fine..but after install and wiping these apps wont work..
  11. Latest pack gives me FC on camera,sound settings and clock Alarm.they dont even Starts..and some aps like battery calibration dont Start. Bb 71 on lukes Kernel
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