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  1. there is some bugs in google play market. @Trip i replaced my sensation with sony xperia S :D
  2. Thanks i already did that and have made lot of research about my problem and all say to go in to service center. Thanks Trip...
  3. I have downloaded an RUU file but it say cannot find device even if i am in download mode(fastboot),and no more recovery,and if the phone off i put charger it goes directly to fastboot.
  4. I bricked my phone :( I cannot flash in fastboot anymore,there is always error PU,i will send it to the service :(
  5. i just noticed that B007 is released :D downloading......
  6. Thanks you now B006 has booted :) ;) will be waiting B007 does the kernel included in the package or do i need to flash separately?? cause my phone reboot
  7. really sorry to ask here but where is the firmware and supercid that you are talking about.
  8. I feel like noobs with this device :D i did lot of things with no success always bootloop . i was reading here and there about hboot ,rooting and CID ..... i think i need more time to understand the procedure :D
  9. Hey Big Boss how are you :D today i got sensation and will be following you ;) but need little time to understand rooting and flashing here..... by the way i brought to my wife S2 :D
  10. new version v2 changelog: -usb tethering fixed -camera fixed -data fixed(thanks cobrato for the help) -using doom's boot manager -tweaked -faster :D -new lock screen Released enjoy
  11. Hehe i know but little activity better than nothing.
  12. HI,This is my first attempt :D not a dev. First wanna Thanks all the Devs working hard for the x10. This rom is for unlocked bootloader. 1-flash this with flash tools http://www.multiupload.com/CH47M4UUZZ (10x cobrato for the modified kernel and erenz for porting guide). V2 2-have to do full wipe,go xrec by pressing back key when the blue led come up, then factory reset,data wipe,dalvik and battery state +format the system. 3-install the rom http://www.mediafire...wuzk6xpj4zc6xuz V2 4-you may also download Spare parts for faster screen transition. -Arabic RTL FIX http://www.mediafire...hg75b2x1k1earoc enjoy....
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