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  1. Trip! Hello Sir!! Give me a shout at my gmail address, cjsabaki at gmail, one of the guys from the LG 3D phone group wants to ask about your work and possibly working on a Miui for that phone in 3D..... Take care old friend!! Best wishes, Chris
  2. Here is the modded puzzle lock, redone by FODI / Picard666, I couldn't find just the lock of the version I am using and can't upload the mtz file from work off my phone... Hope this one suits, rename zip to mtz and add it to the miui theme folder on ur sd card. Best regards, Chris galaxy_s_glass_lock_multi_v2.1.zip
  3. Hello All!! Looks like there are a ton of Sensations out there running everything from ICS to Miui and I noticed that there wasn't a thread for everyone to post their screen shots and let us share MTZ or theme files between users. Feel free to ask questions about themes, wallpapers, how to's, post backup mtz miui themes, in general relax a bit and look at some really cool phones!!! So here we go!!! Hope you enjoy!!! Best regards, Chris
  4. Merry Christmas all!! Snowing like craaazy here!! May the new year bring only happiness and blessings!! Best wishes, Chris Sent from my Galnet Miui SGH 1777
  5. Merry Christmas all!!! Wish you a verrrry great New Year!!!! Best regards, Chris Sent from my Galnet Miui SGH 1777
  6. Fxp050 released!!!! Sent from my X10i using Tapatalk
  7. 8-).........8-)......8-)........ Bring it SirTrip!! Our old kernel is gonna be a big pain in the ass moving to ics.... hint, hint!! Best regards, Chris Sent from my X10i using Tapatalk
  8. Life is what you make it.... a normal person sees everything as a blessing or a curse, a fighter / warrior sees everything as a challenge....... improvise, adapt, n overcome.... No challenge no problems no issues mean no growth... cannot get better or stronger without struggle and adversity. Man up, face the day and kick its ass. Sound off like you got a pair!!! Best regards, Chris Sent from my X10i using Tapatalk
  9. Hehehe!! Yo sleepy head!! Get well dude!! Your gonna get old n gray before ur time if ya keep up the lack o sleep stuff n stressn....... holiday - vacation - trip, look it up Bro!! 8-) Best wishes old friend, Chris Sent from my X10i using Tapatalk
  10. AAAAHHHH HELLLLL YEAAAAHHHH!!! Trip is in the house!!!! The old x10 is back up and running????? JTAG fix it??? Dude, would be awesome for some more TripN roms for the ole X10!! Bring it on Sir!! Best regards, Chris
  11. Net.d rar file, use root explorer or another file app, un rar the package and mount sd card rw, move to system / bin and over write the current net.d file, set permissions, reboot xrec run fix permissions and see if this helps. Best regards, Chris netd.rar
  12. Well looks like galnet is gonna wait another day... going clothes shopping in another town...8-( Which rom has run the best for you on the sgs?? Stock her phone has gotten 3800 once, normally round 3600 new droid razr I played with yesterday ony got 2600.... still waiting on my upgrade either sensation or sgs... Net.d. rar file is on xda in the cm7 data bug hunt thread and I used miui browser apk from 1.10.21 Cobrato's miui, so far no wlods at all n enjoying Trip's TAPS volume tweaks and running bout 1500 quad loaded!! On my phone n no computer handy to upload the files, sorry, I will try tomorrow when I'm at work. Best regards, Chris Sent from my X10 TripNMiUI using Tapatalk
  13. Sgsll is kickn ass!! Wife has the at&t version!! Flashing galnet miui on it today!!! 3600 quad stock..... Battery life is pretty good on 105, running miui kernel from Goro, wifi is jacked right now but still no wlods yet. In battery use, cell standby is showing higher than normal but I still get a day easy with moderate use. Best regards, Chris Sent from my X10 TripNMiUI using Tapatalk
  14. Full day, so far no wlod.... 2g 3g H no issue yet!! Sent from my X10 TripNMiUI using Tapatalk

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