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  1. Love this ROM! Relly like your work! Don't worry about the haters, and DO NOT feed the trolls. Waiting for your realease. C: :D It's good to have you here, Sir.
  2. *Request* MIUI File Manager. MIUI Music Player SEMC Camera (you said already that you're going to do this, and i think it's f****** amazing) MIUI Theming options MIUI Browser FB Inside Xperia You're great, read my thoughts. :D
  3. Good day Sir. Could you please port this? [MOD] Skip track via volume press Thanks for everything, eager waiting for your release. :lol:
  4. Can't change the boot animation =T Everything else is working fine :D
  5. ROM Backed UP. Going to test this right now! C: EDIT: Sutck on SE Logo. Came from WB ROM with Official Kernel.
  6. Waiting for the .ftf file. I don't wanna go back to Eclair just to root and then flash the .zip file. ^^' Thanks for your work Trip. Waiting for your Complete GB MIUI! You rock Sir.
  7. Sweet ROM! LOL BB .65 Wifi's OK Data's OK GPS's OK NO FC so far (using PT-BR language) I'm restoring some apps so i'll test more stuff ^^ Thanks Trip, another great release. C:
  8. August 7 will be sunday... SE doesn't like to work so i'd bet on Aug 8 lol :huh:
  9. Hello everyone C: Trip, could you please port this to your ROM? Skip track via volume press Thanks! Love you work. :)
  10. Nice work Trip! Could you make a darker theme? Because in all the themes i've tried, the fonts and the background are too dark to see. =T
  11. I'm using Shoot Me but i don't like that i've always have to shake the phone to take a SS ^^ I wish we could use the MIUI stock way: volume button down (-) & menu
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