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  1. goede roms trip ;) blijf zo doorgaan man

  2. I know how to install properly a ROM, ... -.- You should try get facts before even replying here!
  3. I don't care about what app used it, I care about the bug that it gets enabled by itself by opening some apps. It uses data which is very extremely mega expensive without a dataplan!!
  4. Biggest bug I've found is that Data gets enabled by some apps and stuff... It's really annoying since I don't have data plan so I can say byebye to my money... I lost 1.20 euro with this bug... -.- So no GB miui for me... ROM is also pretty laggy...
  5. How about removing .android_secure folder from your sd card and the Android folder?
  6. Just flashed CM7 from Z, but I found it too laggy... Even FPS uncapped, now I started flashing I will try finally fully working GB MIUI! THANKS!
  7. Hi Trip, do you know any manner to root this stock Gingerbread?!
  8. Can´t you guys just stfu? If you don't like the way it goes, why don't you argue grown up by sending each other a private message.I don't know wtf there is wrong with all those Cobrato/Trip fanboys here, is it some kind of war I'm not aware of? Be happy that Trip is still working on the x10 now he has got a Sensation. Why don't you go kiss Cobrato his ass and wait till he releases finally a update for his ROM if you don't like the way Trip is working? That will save this thread many pages of crap that Trip has to read to find any bug reports. Where are the moderators actually in this forum? No action yet?
  9. Do a few tests and use SetCPU to clock your cpu constantly to 1ghz just for the benchmarking.
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