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  1. http://forums.miui.us/content.php?12-ROM-Downloads version from which phone can be used on X10??
  2. no i used another one :P just right now i installed that and it is working finaly ;)
  3. installed bb49 then rom, when i install 3.50 via xrec, it says deliting files in few lines, after installation is complete the phone keeps rebooting and there is no singnal and i cant enter xrec any more i have to flash via flash tool SE 2.1 android and start all over again.... going to try one more time with bb 52 + patch anyone have any other idea?
  4. done that now i cant get signal and phone keeps rebooting... anyone have any solution???
  5. on which bb and how did u menage to get signsl, explain me please what to install in what order...
  6. i cant get 3.50 to work with trips froyo 1.6.5, anyone have any idea???
  7. will this http://android.modaco.com/content/sony-eri...apped-uv-oc-uc/ work on 1.6.5 ???
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