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  1. erwindrums

    Lion's Fury 2.3.7 V4 (12/11/11) Released!

    looks nice there is one problem the two download links of the rom and the update are the same. And it is not from the rom only the update..
  2. erwindrums

    [DEV-ROM] TripNRom - Iris 001.233.D.B71

    How is the battery life of this rom??
  3. I have the same problem and that is not only by miui player it is by every player... Also by internet radio. When i listen to internet radio and i go to the browser gives FC
  4. Wow how you do that ... Highest for me is 1488 :(
  5. He Trip, Thanks for the hard work... This is one of the best roms ever that i try. Much better than 1.5 that was so laggy but now 1.5.1 works great...

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