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  1. Very nice from trip, My first try of sense 4 and I'm very impressed. Great work as always mate. Best regards Barry.
  2. Nice work trip, Few reboots as expected, Sms ok Mms ok Data ok ( for a short period then reboot) Never tested WiFi Noticed reboots when in the gallery and viewing in landscape, it happened 3 times. Love the screenshot feature with the power button. Overall great work trip. Less reboots and I'd use it as a daily if data connection was stable Regards Barry
  3. Hey trip, long time no flash lol. Thought id drop by and run this for a few days and help with testing. As loved your Roms on my x10. Regards Barry.
  4. Yes.... minds made up now , due my upgrade today and im getting the sensation after work. Great to see you working on the sensation trip. Not been on modaco for a while since you stopped work on the x10 a few weeks back for personal reasons. Just read your last few posts. As Chris says trip keep your chin up mate. Best regards Barry.
  5. Hope all is well trip and you get everything sorted out, Ill be leaving the x10 behind in a few days as im getting the HTC sensation , but would just like to say a huge thanks for turning my s*** stock x10 into a great miui fun phone, Again, hope you get your problems sorted out mate, Best wishes Barry
  6. From the posted image/diagram it looks like this will be a truly unique rom trip, not to mention really complicated to get all parts working in harmony. Looking forward to it. Barry.
  7. Flashed what ? The rom hasn't been released
  8. Any more news on this trip. Regards Barry
  9. What just in from a night out is there a new Rom out Chris . Very drunken regards Barry ha ha
  10. Ye ha can't wait to see this breakthrough,

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