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    Samsung Galaxy S II AT&T
  1. haha, nice, I have the AT&T version as well. I have Galnet Miui, CM7 and regular Miui on mine, and I just flashed UnNamed 1.2. yesterday! LOL Flashing rom mania! I've seen Quadrants of 5400 in the past on it!
  2. Sold my X10 for 180, bought Galaxy S II for 200. Best change I have made yet! Blows it away. Glad to see you guys still pushing forward with the ol hardware!
  3. Supposedly you can go to settings-> call settings-> answer settings-> then turn off "enforce proximity sensor". That should fix it.
  4. highaltitude

    Iphone 4S....

    sorry this is not Icrap forum
  5. highaltitude

    How to go back to Stock

    <br /><br /><br /> Flash a stock kernel/rom with Odin
  6. <br /><br /><br /> Video is black, nothing to see.
  7. highaltitude

    Ice Cream Sandwich

    We'll get it, one way or other!
  8. highaltitude

    Anybody want some ice cream?

    Definitly going to work on my Samsung Galaxy S II, who knows about the lil X10
  9. can't beleive there are so many trying to make this work. This Miui is one of the bottom ones Ive tried lately. WLODWLODWLODREBOOTREBOOTWLOD. Oh, but look how bright the colors are ,lol
  10. highaltitude

    Nexus Prime bootanimation for X10

    cool, but seems like a long 4$$ boot animation
  11. So is this rom really any better than the ones from months ago? seems like there are so many Miui roms to choose from now that the development would have gotten better by now. Seems to have all the typical issues it had in the past. Been having less reboots and data disconnects with other "flavors" of Miui from elsewhere.
  12. Get this rom while you can. All wolf's work has been pulled from XDA for the moment. Not sure exactly what happened, but didnt sound good.
  13. So what did everyone do to fix the wifi? I am running Doom's custom kernel. I flashed his wifi module to get wifi, but not sure if that would mess it up.

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