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  1. Hey xloud I think is already implemented in this rom. If you want the on off featur u have toflash to an original rom ortry one that has that feature likewilfs rom. Hopethis helps!
  2. I can test in Australia if u want trip
  3. Hey trip do we just flash if we already have old version or do we haave to wipe everything? Thx m8
  4. Stupid question lol uhmm if the uppdate for. This new rom comes do I have wipe everything or just flash over
  5. Hey dude, that's kinda weird that the free one works caus I have it @trip I've been encountering weird reboots for some reason? Do you have any clie why? Other than that ur rom is perfect thx m8
  6. Trip great work! Fast rom and is just excellent! Continue your great work
  7. Yea agree with you flashtool has made many uses for us including flashing gb to x10a
  8. Hey rendeiro, thishappened to me a few times before, so what u do is either use seus to replace your fw to stock and/or use flashtool and use a ftf file so its just like flashing a rom. Turn phone off and hold back button and flash a generic fw.
  9. Hey trip, I just wanted to know something. You know how the gb update for x10 came out if you were to put the gb kernal and bb to this rom will it fix the camera problem? I just wanted to know...... THX
  10. Yeah i suppose your right just to me this is how i did it before finding out about flashtool. So either way you can use any method you want as long as it suits you.
  11. When the GB update comes out its gonna be great for devs because they can complete their 2.3 roms and espicially Miui so then we can have a way better rom and wont have to worry about the camera not working and other things that aren't complete.
  12. Well that's a bummer but i was expecting it. It wasn't going to be this week people just thjought it would. It will be available probably around 2nd or 3rd week of august. Thats my opinion.....
  13. No it isnt Trip stated in his post he will not apply 720p because of the upcoming GB update. But this rom is one of the best! Never FC works everytime i flash this rom! Its SOOO GOOOD! THX trip!!!
  14. HEY everyone! As im not always here if something new comes up like a new version of flashtool comes up can you please notify me so i can replace the older version with the new one! Thx guys!

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