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  1. Cyberman_NI

    Best MIUI ROM?

    Hi Caterina, I personally like the MIUI rom's which generally have more features. Personal favourite is Galnet MIUI which is easily found from google (not sure if your allow to put web addresses in). Very easy installed if your device is rooted. I have try Villian Roms and some others. A lot is down to personal taste. Good luck, Cyb
  2. Hey Trip, Just take it easy man. We're ready when your ready. Really hope everything works out for you.
  3. Hope all is well with you my friend. Still using your miui masterpiece. The best x10 rom by miles!!!

  4. Hope all is well with you my friend. Still using your miui masterpiece. The best x10 rom by miles!!!

  5. Cyberman_NI


    As good quality as the iPhone 4 is (apart from Antennagate). I'm sure the sheep will make the iPhone 5 another huge success but... Android Market Share Buyer's next new phone Its won't be to far into 2012 when Android will have double the market share than apple, therefore more new toys. Add in Google taking over Motorolla 2012 is looking in great shape for Android in general. Kickin iPhone butt!!! DISCLAIMER: Just my opinion :rolleyes: and not he opinion of Modaco :P :lol: EDIT: Lancez no problem, I'll send you one if you really want. B)
  6. I think its possible but useless on a phone that really doesn't have enough RAM to cope with it. :mellow:
  7. Cyberman_NI


    I can only give you my opinion on the Samsung Galaxy S2 I have one alone side a mucking about x10 (for some TripNfuN) :P At first I thought, love how thin and light it is. Ok the back cover does feel a bit cheaper quality plastic than the x10, but sure no biggy. Just remembered just how terrible Orange UK had customised it with wallpaper that looked like it belonged to a Nokia 6110 from so long ago. Nice way to show of Super Amoled+ (NOT) When I turned it on and played with a bit you can feel the amazing speed, even stock.Flashed a villain rom or 2. Loved it but really missed the MIUI. So thanks to a certain bmarko not too far from here I flashed his MIUI and wowwww!!!! Is all I can say. Super speed, super smooth. Very little doesn’t work even though it’s still in beta. Quadrant Score with about 20 apps installed 3660 on 3rd run maxing 70+ FPS. :o Loved that you can unlock it in seconds with a free app from the market! Probably the only bad thing is the screen, and yes I also thought it was gonna be its best feature. In maybe ways it is, big clear sharp, best blacks ever! Downside, is a very very narrow sweet spot. Unless you’re looking at it square on there is a blue tint over my screen. Its ruins an otherwise excellent phone. I was just about to send it back and swap it for a Sensation until I read there were touchscreen issues with them, so I kept it my SGS2. Maybe some of the guys above can tell me if they have the same issue? (Lancez and Co.)B) EDIT: This is the unlock i used here
  8. Chill iBo man!!! :P It's just evolving as Chris stated... We all love this rom. :) Evynnstarr has even seen the light and decided I was right, despite you trying to slate me 2 pages back. B) Your turning into Trip's biggest fan now! ;)
  9. Hey Jazz sorry to see you go!!! Or get forced to leave x10 anyway. Maybe see you about HTC in future. Good luck mate

  10. BUY A arc!!!! I must have read at least 20 posts about you wanting arc rom's n stuff. You cannot be for real :angry:
  11. After all the requests I'm sure you'll make an amazing rom as always. If you could strap on an HTC Sense style widget would be nice. :P The MIUI File Manager is handy with wireless FTP. Thanks for all your hard work!
  12. As far as I know Trip is keeping it updated each week (Friday) as and when the new MIUI version comes out. And possibly tweaking a few other things at the same time. B) I think this is by far the best rom there is for the x10.
  13. Hey Z!GZA!G great work man (kid) whatever you'd preffer :P Android needs all the dev's they can get to stay ahead of the that other fruit! ;) I have both x10 and SGS2 and they do have their own pro's and con's. Keep up the great work, looking forward to seein more rom's.
  14. I'm in Trip!!! :P EDIT: Not literally like EDIT 2: The girlfriend just said not far off :lol: Chris any room on your sofa? :P
  15. I cannot believe your energy Trip!!! TripNightly build's. Lovin it :D Count me in, I have a spare phone so I can test Beta's or even Alpha's

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