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  1. Installed this rom 2 days ago and here is what i got: Force closing when trying to enter launcer setting Wifi disconnecting Phone rebooting (had my alarm clock xtreme set and did not go of and i overslept...) Not connecting to 3g Not getting my smses ..... I have followed every step of the installation, unlocked bootloader and rooted x10. So now i´m switching, sorry :/
  2. Loving this rom so far. Think i Tried all roms on modaco and xda. This is the only rom i have kept för more than one day. Keep up the good work
  3. Hyben

    Flashing error - dead phone

    first off..Thanks all for all the tips. But i think, as some of you, that my battery died. Seems as if a i can´t charge it at all. So i ordered a new one from ebay.de (about 13$). I will get back to you all when i receieve it!
  4. Hyben

    Flashing error - dead phone

    First of all...THANK YOU for all your inputs... I will try this. I will look for this file, thanks I dont have a charger like that sorry :( But i am also beginning to think that the battery is dead Going to try this guide if i can get the phone to charge. update: The phone led blinks red now when i connect the charger and goes to green after a while. The green led turns of after a minute or two after it switched from red to green. When i try to start the phone it just blinks red from the led. question?:.. When i connect the charger to the phone, with no battery in the phone, the led turns green is it supposed to do this? As posted, i´m starting to think my battery is the problem.
  5. Hyben

    Flashing error - dead phone

    Sorry, can´t boot at all :( I can´t use SEUS repair/update because it´s telling me that i already have the latest version. No, just gives me the "ok" box and i´m back to the start menu. I´ll try the global one and get back to you! :)
  6. When i was flashing a new ROM my X10 decided that it was time for a reboot and cancelled the ongoing flash operation (xrec) Now my phone is not booting up, not charging the way it is supposed to. When i connect the charger to the phone the led lights up (green) but turns of after about 30 second. When i pull the charger out after the led has turned of and put the plug back in the phone nothing happens. This morning when i tried it again the LED blinked (red) for a minute or two and the switched to green light. And as usual the green light turned of after a couple of seconds (...and nothing happens) I can get the phone in to flash mode by pulling the battery out and starting it with the back button pressed. It starts flashing trough flashtool but i get an flashing error at "kernel.sin". Loader.sin seems to flash ok but it takes a very long time. I have tried several generic (SE) versions and SEUS. SEUS tells me that i already have the latest version??? Any ideas?

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