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  1. Ferrum Master

    ONE SV General Discussion/Problems

    Official JB update downloading now!
  2. Saying Hello to all fellow ONE SV mates. Any problems and achievements? Partial root is available at XDA, but still we need a insecure kernel to access system partition. When HTC will release the source. It is out already for several weeks and nothing?
  3. Kāds zina kur Rīgā nopirkt SLI bridge? :/

  4. They really dumped O2X? Pff....
  5. My first post from Raspberry PI... kind of Deja Vu feeling from the 90ties...

  6. OK I can understand about my country... but also no Scandinavians... pff It even starts itching to use some well known alternate bays... :ph34r: The second thing... how really well developed broadband is in those OLD countries for such service... and how much it adds additional costs...(aiming at Germany and Italy) it is not like we youngsters have speed of 100Mb+ for 20$ monthly without limits around everywhere we live in the turf.
  7. Ferrum Master

    Alleged Nexus 10 user manual leaks

    I don't know where are problems to implement USB3 specifications if the currents are too weak for charging...
  8. Ferrum Master

    HTC J Butterfly launches in Japan, ushers in era of 1080P devices

    ha ha ha coming soon. HTC breast enlarger with direct upload to Facebook! Will sell like hot pancakes :D
  9. About that 256MB thing. You should blame Nokia for making such crippled device in the first place an saving less a dollar on the unit. M$ as far I know strongly canonized hardware requirements for their platform. And here are the problems!
  10. Ferrum Master

    The 25c / 25p sale has started - help us find the offers!

    Some Pot Creating game... :D https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.idreams.pottery&feature=apps_topselling_paid_game
  11. Ferrum Master

    Bargain Watch: FlightRadar24 Pro now only $0.99

    Yeah, it will much easier for certain people to aim their Stinger/Strela... more better :D
  12. The stole NokiaSocial? Get ready for court articles from Finnish border. :)
  13. Ferrum Master

    Buy a LG Optimus 4X, get Cheryl (formerly Cole) for free

    I am the the only one reading and understanding the headline in kind of dirty manner... :D
  14. I like Thunder Storms.

  15. Ferrum Master

    LG source: Ice Cream Sandwich IS coming to the 2X, 3D and Black.

    Well Paul, I guess we can have hope for a good ol' fashioned leak?

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