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  1. QUOTE(sjondenon @ Jun 25 2011, 17:56) * reflashed the rom because of some problems, first, full wipe, wipe dalvik cache, wipe battery stats, and then flashed the rom. now the phone isn't getting past the bootscreen, reboots everytime.... i'm on bb52 BB 54+ is BB52 + BBpatch supported?
  2. WOW!!!!!! Trip, thank you very much even it is 100% tested, TRIPfans gonna test it for you!
  3. trip, i appreciated all the things you did for us! hope you will not give up and continue developing this ROM !
  4. say yes to the tetris! Mr Trip,does this rom work with bb52+bb52patch? i am so exciting to see ur wonderful ROM again!
  5. of course,i know how to flash bb67,but my usb port is already broken while i am using the bb52 with xkernel3.52, the USB cant detected by the pc!! so i am stuck with bb52 now
  6. wil this rom support baseband52?? my usb data connection is already broken! and i am stuck at bb52, is it possible to use baseband patch over xrec.?? Trip, pls save those people who stuck at baseband 49 and 52!
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