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  1. hey thanks for your x10 work trip. i cracked my screen yesterday and now have my wifes galaxy she doesnt use to play with. ill still use the x10 and keep it updated as the screen is only cracked along the top and digitizer still works. So i just wanted to say thanks for all the work you have done it has made using my phone far more enjoyable.

  2. motorsportgod

    pics dissapear

    Hey guys I'm running tripinmiui 1.7 and my photos I've taken and the ones I've transferred onto SD card keep dissapearing. I've used some pics to change wallpaper extra and I saved the settings fine, but the pics keep dissapearing, even once I have recently taken with the camera. I can't seem to find a pattern or reason for this to happen... any ideas? Cheers
  3. motorsportgod

    TripNRocks [Theme for TripNMiui]

    Good job bro. i wish i could make a theme i have a sweet idea but i dont know/understand how to do it....... ill keep reading tho....
  4. not on his facebook but in a xperia group he gets bagged out. jealousy i guess, it causes all sorts of grief
  5. but you keep bagging trip out.... here and on fb. Most people here want the update. but again, most dont really think slander is really needed just because you think he may be trying to get a sneaky dollar out of people. maybe he wanted to finish the rom on an old phone just because he could/wanted to/likes doing that/has nothing else to do/invested to much time to stop....
  6. well you have to laugh i guess....... ill just watch the moto gp instead of flash a rom tonight i guess..
  7. Just flashed with tripbb67. was on 1.6.5 with .49bb and now running 1.6.9 with .57 and wifi patch. all works sweet. no drop out, full bar reception incl 3g and wifi connects and stays connected. nice work trip, thanks.
  8. Yeah thanks just discovered that is my problem too..... thanks for the tip. Is there a list of safeto remove system apps for this rom?
  9. Just finished reflashing rom, didnt use custom kernel in the forst place, dont know enough about them to bother trying! could have been something restored with ti backup? also what is ttsservise.apk? can i uninstall it? also talk.apk, sidekick.apk? what do they do and can i get rid of them?
  10. just started having alot of fc's. android.process.acore processcomm.google.process.gapps over and over. first time ive ever had fc....... Any ideas? Cheers.
  11. Hey everyone, just flashed tripbb 49 & latest rom version to try instead of gb version. have good reception incl 3g so thats nice and the rom itself is smooth. Changed theme, loaded backups from titanium and it all works sweet. Changed because i miss having a good camera..... what do you guys recomend i use for tethering? i move house today and internet will be down for a week so i want to tether and use my phones connection..... Thanks all and expecially trip! oh and tripnarc update?? that bravia engine mod is some smart work!
  12. Hey trip just installed 0.3.5{using your recomended bb} and it works wiked! still trying stuff out, havnt tried camera or video camera yet but i will soon. Messaging, calls, music {hey man i use poweramp its just what i know}, arc media works mint for all my movies for on boring flights.... man its sweet. now, with this upcoming arc update my x10 will be complete. Thanks alot man your work is appreciated. :D
  13. maybe home page shifting animation could be like ebook like - turning the page style. or even just a black screen with stars or something and each star is a different page and when you press on it you sort of zoom space travel style through to that page.... i wish i could explain in picture what i mean!
  14. Yeah man i agree i would have not liked going to a different phone! keep up the good work trip

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