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  1. @elrond_bs Tried a differrent launcher (Apex) but still get the same thing :wacko:. And I've just noticed that the search bar doesn't work for some reason :( Oops, just noticed this is aknown issue.
  2. Hi, finally got round to trying this ROM and after a couple of days it really does seem remarkably good, so many thanks to JVentura. The only minor thing that bothers me is that when the phone is in landscape mode there appears to be a dock divider like line at the opposite end to the dock, this happens even with the dock divider off. Anyone know of a cure? - Thanks.
  3. Aha! So I don't need to worry about the 'initailizing build environment' and 'compiling' stuff, all of which has scared me off CM10 'til now? Can I just iinstall from recovery as usual, I'm confused, but then again that's not unusual :wacko:? Oh, and I quite like the bear in a barrel idea, could become this years must have gift! :P
  4. Finally updated to rls7 from rls6 and everything works brilliantly except for one strange problem that I wouldn't have thought was due to the ROM but I've run out of any other solutions. The problem is that I can't get UPNPlay to work with the update, worked fine before but now it can't detect a server. Tried BubbleUPNP in exasperation but that won't work either, any one had a similar problem or got any ideas? Thanks.

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