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  1. strange, camera works with fxp release 43 and 44 right? why doesn't it work on the nightly then?
  2. okay, good luck with porting other roms then :)
  3. and will it include some parts of sense?:)
  4. Oh, I want to say I really appreciate it that you listen to the community! RESPECT!
  5. so the voting has ended now? it's here 7 pm gmt+1
  6. I'm voting for android revolution.. we already have some miui roms so you will be the first who ports android revolution
  7. I think you should ask at XDA, the community at modaco is a bit smaller so I think you won't expect a lot useful reactions,,, good luck!
  8. any possibility of using the stock 2.3.3 settings.apk and phonebook+dialer on this great rom?
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