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  1. Hi all fibblesan asked could ZTE provide an update to Orange so existing San Francisco customers can upgrade from Android 2.1 or better still provide an unbranded update on the ZTE website for ZTE Blade owners? Here's the official response: The OSF is an Orange phone and it is for Orange to dictate to ZTE about whether updates are made available. ZTE has the technical capability to do it, but Orange would have to request it.
  2. Hi all wbwa asked if zte are so committed to bringing us the latest version of android, then why are they still selling android 2.1 phones. Here's the official response: There may be some ZTE Stock in circulation which was distributed with the 2.1 Éclair ROM. All ZTE devices will be shipped to customers with the latest available Android release where possible. Occassionally where the development lifecycle transcends the release of a later ROM this may not appear the case. However ZTE will endeavour to provide the Update at the customers(Operators/Distributors) request.
  3. Hi all wbwa asked will operators be given gingerbread updates for their existing zte blade & sanfrancisco customers? Here's the official response: Operators will always be provided the latest version of Android OS for those devices which support the latest ROM. However it is primarily the Operators decision if they wish to approve and then provide this updated ROM to their customer base.
  4. Hi all wbwa asked is the Blade+ the Libra? Here's the official response: The Blade and the Libra are based on the Same Core Platform, only supplied(named) for different Countries, markets. The Blade+ is an Updated Blade….
  5. Hi all fibblesan asked why do ZTE provide code that either doesn't build cleanly or doesn't build at all? Here's the official response: The source code released is the code that ZTE used to build the Skate. After extensive testing the Skate is very robust.
  6. Hi all fibblesan asked why do ZTE keep releasing code that doesn't match the kernel in the device (older code, for example). Code released for the Blade in the past has been several revisions older than a stock device. For example kernels built with the source have lag issues which do not show in stock ZTE ROMs. The official response is: The code released for the Skate is completely up to date. Often source code is built upon in order to optimize performance and help control cost - this optimized code is not the source code rather than the stock device code. It is not practicable to release code every time ZTE optimizes an element or changes it for an operator or a market. But ZTE always releases the appropriate source.
  7. Hi all sej7278 asked will we be getting Libra 2.6.35 source code as it seems that runs Android 2.3.4? Here's the official response: The new Libra is not yet commercially available. ZTE will get the source code up online as quickly as resources make practically possible.
  8. Hi all sej7278 asked "Is this the actual code and .config that was used to build the MonteCarlo/Skate/Staraddict? As this appears to be 2.6.32 with some .35 added on top and a .config (from January) that doesn't actually seem to build" The official response is: "The code and .config supplied is the exact code used to build the Monte Carlo. ZTE engineers handle the new configuration by merging rather than overwriting - this could explain why the modification time of the .config is January."
  9. Appreciate the spinkles! I can ask ZTE about supplying updates for the OSF. I think I know the answer though, the OSF is an Orange phone and it is for Orange to dictate to ZTE about whether updates are made available. ZTE has the technical capability to do it, but Orange would have to request it. As I say, this is my educated guesswork and most definitely NOT the official ZTE or Orange view (I will seek sign off and let you know.)
  10. I will ask about this today. The feedback I have received is that the code available is the source code that was used to build the Skate. Clearly a lot of people here disagree with that standpoint. I have been flagging and highlighting the various points raised in an effort to get clarity.
  11. Lots of questions there - I shall put them to ZTE and hope to have clarification on them soon.
  12. Hi all Atomix86 made a statement regarding the Blade refresh being the Libra - but coming with Gingerbread as standard. Here's the official line regarding the Blade and Libra: "The Blade+ will launch before Christmas 2011, and will be running the Gingerbread OS. The Blade II is launching in Q1 2012 and will also be running Gingerbread. ZTE will always offer the latest version of Android OS to our customers based on device capabilities as and when they are made available on the market"
  13. Hi all Mushroom_lord asked what ZTE has in the pipeline to follow the Skate. Here's the official ZTE response: "The Skate or (Monte Carlo, announced on Orange) is in essence the Hero Device for Q4 this year. ZTE are commited to further developing the portfolio, to provide rich feature devices (Hero Products) in partnership with strategic partners ie Google(Android) and Microsoft(Windows Mobile). The announcement of "Hero" devices is strictly controlled and timed to align with marketting and PR events in collaberation with our partners and customers."
  14. Hi all Sebastian404 asked why the Tureis was being launch with SFR first. ZTE say: "The launch date is dictated by the partner and is very much controlled by their portfolio strategy for the year, and not dictated by the device availability in the market."
  15. There has been an update and I hope to post it soon. I'm just trying to ensure that my interpretation of the update is accurate before posting.
  16. Thanks for the concise questions guys. I hope to have some answers as soon as possible.
  17. Hi all The source code arriveth.. and createth quite a stir. Obviously, there are a lot of people with a lot of issues regarding the code. I've read quite a few of the 156 replies (to date) on that source code topic. I started jotting down issues with the intention of presenting them to ZTE to find answers for you all. But, while I am quite techie for a PR person, there are lots of issues that seem to be answered by others, often with conflicting advice and to be quite honest, I found it difficult to impossible to keep track and pick apart what the technical issues are that ZTE can help with. So, in the spirit of trying to make things as clear as possible while helping as many people as possible, I was wondering if you guys could do me a favour? Can you please list questions in this topic? Can I also ask that you make the questions as straightforward as possible? (Avoid sub-clauses, rhetoric, assumed knowledge or interpretations and fixes.) If you can keep the question(s) down to one or two sentences all the better. Please try not to be vague and try to avoid colloquialisms or IT terminology as much as possible (the guys in China can access this site - so try to help them help you..) Have a look at what other people are asking, if you can see your question, then there's no need to ask it again. Related to that point, please don't answer each others' questions - I know this is a forum and one that encourages healthy debate, but in this instance, I'd just like simple questions. Okey doke, fire away.
  18. Hi - just wanted to poke my head above the parapet and let you know that I am chasing for an udate!
  19. Hi Sebastian - we should have an answer soon I hope. I'll ask about US Blades and Skates.
  20. Great feedback, thanks everyone for taking to time to comment and vote.:D
  21. I'm afraid I don't know that info. We principally look at ZTE UK PR activities. I will ask though, because you never know!
  22. Indeed, ZTE's handset roadmap is a closely guarded secret. This summer ZTE announced its intentions to sell own-branded products (as oppose to whitelabelling) - so you can be sure there are plans for plenty of devices.
  23. All good things must come to an end of course, but the Blade is not coming to an end yet!
  24. You're welcome! Thanks for your interest in ZTE.

  25. Hi all Atomix86 asked whether ZTE could confrm the clock speed of the Tureis. Here's what ZTE have to say on the matter: "The Tureis is based on the Qualcomm MSM7227 as previously noted and the speed is 600MHz. A device with the QVGA LCD screen functions perfectly with 600MHz processor."
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