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  1. What I'd like to see is a balance of top quality camera and phone Having large storage is no good if the camera is only average
  2. What we need is a task management app that connects to something like dropbox or skydrive, this way all data will be saved and backed up
  3. Basically the original firmware is needed before attempting to root this phone :(
  4. If it does that then It's a serious bug...will Huawei fix it?....who knows :mellow:
  5. They need to release the Huawei Mate :P
  6. So yea peeps what's the camera like? All the reviews are mixed, some good some bad :mellow: I have both a U8800 and an Xperia Play, both of them are 5megapixel but only the latter produces good quality photos. Though my U8800 just suffers from focus problems it seems as it sometimes produces good (acceptable) photos If I switch to this G510 thing will the photos be okay and clear? Can someone take some photos with it and upload it here please
  7. Came with my Huawei U8800 over 2 years ago, and it's been real great though these days I use Swiftkey
  8. I think it depends how many apps require a service to run continuously in the background
  9. Might upgrade from my U8800 but not sure yet, for those that got this phone what is the camera like to use?
  10. I wish they sell a white version :| Also anyone know what the camera is like on this yet?
  11. One advantage of this Chromebook is that it uses an Intel processor and a reasonable size hard drive, you could in theory do a lot more with this by installing linux software
  12. The Samsung has better battery life over 6+ hours compared to this, I don't think it'd be very useful if you have to charge this Acer every 3 hours
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