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  1. True but the Post on here says it does :( " It has LTE-A on board. Yes, that's right, you get a super-fast LTE tablet for your £125"
  2. it doesnt have LTE-A according to vodafone so still stuck with Fake 4G sadly :( https://twitter.com/VodafoneUKhelp/status/524479061163536384
  3. as others have said it has a Z3735D (same as the likes of http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Quad-core-32GB-VOYO-8-inch-Windows-8-1-Dual-Camera-Bluetooth-WIFI-MID-Tablet-PC-/301264173276?pt=UK_iPad_Tablets_eReaders&hash=item4624be78dc) this appears to be a benchmark of the device tooo http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench3/890860
  4. "I'm not sure what would happen if you stayed on gmail or the docs url all day, whether you'd see further ads?" the ads are delivered by a proxy server or DNS proxy. So https would always bypass it. just the same for every other network.
  5. Good news! According to an email from virgin they will be getting stock on the 22nd of april!
  6. Does anyone actually use windows 8 though? from my experience it was horrid.
  7. does it have working HSUPA? most of these cheap hsdpa phones only have hsdpa.
  8. Does anyone know if SIP is included in the phone software? It's usually in the call menu but that appears to be missing on the San diego. anyone know a way around this? i rather use the built in sip rather than an app.
  9. Anyone found a way to enable HSUPA yet? Ive noticed with the Huawei G300 it was simply a baseband/firmware upgrade. Pings without hsupa are quite bad
  10. anyone else noticed this? some apps (mostly the speedtest app) the content looks smaller.. look at pic to see what i meen. http://i.imgur.com/sQfBo.png
  11. Daniel Meah

    ZTE Kis Review

    DOes it have working hsupa? (faster than 300-400k) upload speeds? the OSF and OSF2 says it has hsupa but not support :(
  12. Infact 1 speedtest with the speedtest.net app would use more than 17MB in one go.
  13. You would only get 17MB a day., And they are apparently capping speeds to 12Mbps. So extremely quick. 17MB a day is fine for 2g.
  14. THere is 48 within 10 Miles from me! (Near liverpool City Centre)
  15. All networks use a transparent Proxy. just some are well hidden. even three uses one.. You can disable the compression side of the proxy by using http://accelerator.t-mobile.co.uk/ and choosing original image quality. Three's hidden proxy http://n2.netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.edu/summary/id=43ca208a-14237-8215d2f2-9d77-4281-8266
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