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  1. scumball

    Advent Vega kernel source code now available!

    The main board for this ROM is at Tabletroms, where you downloaded the ROM from...
  2. Maybe this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=850464 in conjunction with this: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.beansoft.launchkey&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5iZWFuc29mdC5sYXVuY2hrZXkiXQ..
  3. scumball

    Purchased Vega....what first ?

    i would install Vegacomb 3.2 and Honey Ice head overto Tabletroms forum for the links
  4. scumball

    Onlive - Console quality games on your vega

    Yes the wired XBOX 360 controller is USB and works on a PC too. The wireless will also work with the 360 wireless adaptor apparently.
  5. scumball

    Onlive - Console quality games on your vega

    Using the USB port on the side of the VEGA - set to host mode when using VegaComb 3.2 rom
  6. scumball

    Insufficent Space - help please

    Market cache was shrunk somewhere along the line of Update 3n and/or Honey Ice. You can fix it: http://tabletroms.com/forums/vega-rom-development/3751-vegacomb-unabe-download-large-market-items.html
  7. scumball

    Onlive - Console quality games on your vega

    it works with a wired 360 controller - pretty pretty good.
  8. scumball

    ICS AOSP prediction thread.

    ICS on the VEGA... http://tabletroms.com/forums/vega-rom-development/1923-%5Brom%5D-%5B3-2%5D-vegacomb-3-2-build-9n-update-3-a-621.html#post37576
  9. scumball

    It's been a while, rom advice needed

    The easiest would be ViewComb found over at XDA - there has been a lot of ill feeling towards the guy who posted it as it started out as a rip off of VegaComb but saying that it is installed via NVFlash so straight from the PC. I personally haven't tried it so can't comment any further than that.
  10. scumball

    Who repaired google market ?

    the new version of honey ice update at tabletroms will fix the cache size when its released.
  11. scumball

    Who repaired google market ?

    the cache parition is 30mb that is the problem. you can fix with 2 apps. terminal emulator and root explorer. In terminal emulator type su umount /cache In root explorer long press on cache - delete go into /data folder top right icon - create new folder - cache long press on new cache folder - link folder to go back a level and click link folder done
  12. scumball

    [HOWTO] Booting the Vega in USB host mode

    i downloaded cron4phone and set a job to run the modified vega_postboot.sh script on every boot...this works a treat and now boots in host mode, with wifi staying on in suspend and also turns the camera off.
  13. scumball

    [HOWTO] Booting the Vega in USB host mode

    Yes and yes, if I run the script from Root Explorer it works. Permissions: I've got Owner on Read Write Execute the other two on Read
  14. scumball

    [HOWTO] Booting the Vega in USB host mode

    FYI..for me this doesn't work on VC3.2 HoneyIce 3.2.5x2 - I also have the BT and WLAN fix set to echo 1 in the script and none of them are wriiten after boot - all of them remain on 0....
  15. scumball

    Advent Vega kernel source code now available!

    I find that this script is probably not running on my VEGA - VC3.2 with 3.2.5x2. That's how I account for the lines in this that have echo 1 - like BT/WLAN Fix and USB Host Mode still showing 0 in their respective files when checked after boot-up.

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