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  1. Anyone know of a secret code to bump up the ringtone gain and speakerphone gain of the VFSU6 - even if it makes it a bit distorted?
  2. I've not found it to be the best, got better clearer call quality on my old SG Note 1 phone - other caller sounds muffled on this VFSU6 like they have a sock in their mouth , not very clear sound. wonder if there is any secret code available to put in by phone keypad to enable EFR or whatever its called for clearer sound calls
  3. hmmm, i have just gone into build.prop on my VFSU6 through root explorer and I cannot find a line for ro.sf.lcd_density= anywhere at all on my build.prop, it seems to be missing! - am I doing something wrong? - in fact I cannot find any reference to 480dpi in my build prop file EDIT: all rooted now and loaded xposed installer and using app setting module to set my dpi for apps on a per app basis instead
  4. thank you for your help - i am in twrp recovery now. mounted system. went into file manager selected build.prop and only have options copy file Move chmod 755 chmod Delete rename file nothing about modify or edit Thanks
  5. sorry new to teamwin recovery - all other androids I have had I have used clockwork mod recovery - so is there a setting in TWRP to set system to R/W or shall I do it normally booted in root explorer app? - I went to file manager in TWRP and could not see anything to set system to R/W
  6. Thanks for your help - I tell you where I am at, at the moment: have TWRP installed Using stock android with their latest update VDF-995NB01-IE_MR01d Have full permanent root as I rooted with KingRoot then flashed TWRP then installed SU update zip through TWRP - root checker app tells me I have full root want to Install xposed installer, when I go to install framework it says (in red) : Xposed is not (yet) compatible with Android SDK version 21 or your processor architecture (armeabi-v7a) CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE could not load library "libdvm.so" ....... "libdvm.so" not found - really would love to get xposed working on this VFSU6 , is anyone else got problems installing xposed installer? Wanted to try using the TWRP flashable roms - tried to download full and lite from that server called MEGA but cannot download anything 100% from that server it stops about 88% - can I find the full and lite flashable zips with any other server apart from MEGA? Trying to change DPI using 'root DPI changer' from wild east coders - says dpi changed but when I reboot its still same DPI as it was before (480dpi) - I wonder why I cannot change dpi seeing as im rooted?
  7. thanks for the tutourial - I really want to try this because at the moment I can only get temporary root with KingRoot on my SU6 and it looses root every time I restart the phone. I have downloaded all those Items, only one I am having problem downloading is the file: su6.stock.update.nowipePTPT.zip gets to about 66% and that is it cannot get to 100% download from MEGA - you couldnt point me in another direction for a mirror of the file please?
  8. I am so pleased that I have upped the DPI to 250 using DPI Changer on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7" T210 tablet, I can see the screen much better now and its a lot easier on my eyes - only thing is such a lot of the samsung stock apps are not working such as the camera, gallery, stock launcher, touch wiz (ive actually downloaded go launcher EX) and loads of other samsung stock apps dont work with just a message of " unfortunately ** has stopped" However if i put ppi back to 160 DPI then everything works again - what is it with the samsung stock apps, why do they crash with 250DPI and is there any workarounds apart from using alternative apps? Thanks.
  9. hi, I wonder if this will work for my Y300-0100 on Meteor Ireland? - the phone was on B171 then I downloaded B175, but now its got B175 there are no shortcuts in the pull down notification bar which I had in B171 firmware.
  10. I dont know if this will work but it might be worth a try maybe. Take a photo of a white piece of paper, then go into gallery and choose photo to view full screen, to stop screen turning off/time out download an always on app from android play and leave it on that white screen for maybe half an hour and see if that maybe clear the retention, just an idea I havent tried it myself. Hope this helps.
  11. Hello - I have a problem with my volume switches they dont work - but TWRP dont need them to work because its done by touch-screen - but trouble is I cannot get into Fastboot without the volume switches working. The phone is rooted. The only recovery I seem to have is the stock <3e> installed and I want to change that to TWRP - was going to flash CWM recovery but that would require the volume buttons to move up and down within the menu. Any Ideas how to flash Team win recovery without using fastboot? can i do it by ADB win? and if so, how? - cheers.
  12. thanks, i think I am beginning to find that out - however my Irish y300-0100 is running C00B175 .. I am presuming the C00 is for the country? - and when I look up other C00 Firmware it says its for eastern europe! - I am presuming the original C477 on my y300 when I bought it was for Meteor Ireland
  13. Hi - heres my situation. I bought a Y300 from meteor Ireland. it came with B171 firmware: y300-0100V100R001C477B171 - so I got in touch with Huawei UK support and said I wasnted to Update it to B175 firmware because people where saying it was faster. Then I got an email back from them saying: Why do you want to update to such an old fimware? - the UK y300 UK version first release is B176 and the current one in the market is B192, and you are trying to download B175. I don't see the reason??? So i said could they direct me to the official B192 firmware then? - and then they replied back saying "your B171 is the latest fiermware for your phone B175, B176 & B192 will not wotk on your phone and there will be problems" So anyway last week I done a bit of googling and came across Y300-0100V100R001C00B175 downloaded it, took the plunge and made the dload folder on the SD card and kept everything crossed as I pressed 'update from SD Card' and hoped for the best and hope I werent gonna end up with a bricked phone. Well it updated well and the phone is performing on that firmware, no problem everything seems to be working fine, mobile signal, wifi signal, everything. So then I wrote back to UK Huawei technical support last week and said I have managed to update to B175 with no problems, can they now send me details where to get B176 or B192 seeing as its the latest firmware for the y300 ... needless to say they havent bothered to reply back now. Today I downloaded B197 (B197-dload.7z) from the internet to try. Expanded it, put the update.app in the download folder as normal, it went on stage 1/2 OK but then stopped on 2/2 with update failed message. I feared oh no, thats it bricked I suppose so i removed battery wated for a while, put it back in and pressed the power button and the phone started up! - whent into 'about' and wondered I wonder what version I am on, dont say it actually updated to B197... but it hadnt, I am still on B175 - would like to see if I can go higher if I can, I like to run the latest firmwares because they normally sort out bugs or add features. On this B175 I got at the moment, seems to be faster but have lost me little toggle switches in the notification bar, i miss them i quite like them they were handy. I wonder what the cause was of it failing in step 2 of 2. On here people say its because you have to download the right b version for your country but the Higher B versions I can see on the net dont give the full name of C00B197 or whatever so its difficult.
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