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  1. hey mate did you fix your problem? if not explain your situation to me so i can help you.
  2. no worries thanks mate
  3. thanks bro my tablet is back to life. but if your a hacker will you please tell me if there is any way i can use the launcher from android 2.1 I know it's a silly question, but please tell how to do it (I tried to install it, but it's says application not installed). sorry my english :D
  4. navodroid

    [ROM] ZTE v9/light tablet Stock ROMs

    man please please i need your help i think my tablet is fully bricked i flash a optus rom from recovery and my device is stuck on zte logo no recovery and i can't boot to ftm please help me
  5. did you fix it? please help i have the same problem
  6. maybe if the hackers pushed the processor to 800mhz honeycomb will be a great idea.
  7. did you find out how to flash it back? i'm having a problem my tablet has the ftm working but no boot after the optus logo and i want to flash it back to 2.1 please help i'm going to die. i tries using the optus upgrade tool but after it finishes it won't boot more than the optus logo.
  8. can you please or anyone help me? i flashed the gingerbread and i decided to go back to stock 2.2 i used the optus upgrade tool but my tablet won't boot after the optus logo please help anyone
  9. I have some questions will you please answer me (i'm new to android) Where are the steps to flash it? Is it possible to flash back to stock rom if the rom is not very stable for me?(i have the optus mytab) What is the percentage to get a bricked device? Sorry for my english
  10. can you please tell me if this rom is stable now? no one is answering me
  11. thanks for replying. but is this rom stable now?
  12. please answer me. do you plan on finishing this rom (I mean like will there be a final version). It doesn't matter when but i would like to know if this custom rom will be fully bug free one day. Even after ages. hhhhhhhhhhh please reply.

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