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  1. my first flash since Swedish Snow! excellent performance, very smooth. thanks to the OP and all contributors :)
  2. I've been enjoying the roms, really nice work thank you. Just one thing i noticed about the latest release is Tor doesn't work on 3.2. Reverted to last version which was rock solid for me anyway but just a little curious about what's happened to stop tor working on this version?
  3. @ precious_pony try the caynax alarm clock. It never fails,.plus it makes you do mathematical problems before it stops ringing.
  4. does the Dolby only work when using the default music player then? I'd like to give it a try but i like to use player pro.
  5. Damn smooth ROM, maybe even the best I've tried on the blade, thank you :) and in lieu of blue steel carbon a la cm7 the ics theme with blue icons tops it off perfectly. as a rangers fan, the green always annoyed me on 2.3
  6. a little disappointed reading through the wreckage of the other thread and this. wbaw is not my friend, I don't know the guy, but if my BEST friend was doing something like this i'd cut him some slack and accord him a little respect despite our closeness, understanding that he was helping me out, and let him go about his business at the pace he chose (he is doing me a favor after all).... a stranger who was doing this for me i'd give even more leeway to, since he has no responsibility to me whatsoever. with attitudes like those I've seen displayed I don't blame people in the least for saying "do I really need this?" That said, many have been more reasonable, and showed the true spirit of community (that's "we're all on the same side" for those who have forgot) and showed gratitude and understanding. but they are arselickers apparently. unbelievable. lets hope the next Dev that works for beer money donations is greeted a little more fairly.
  7. My paper plane 2, amtalee, and wordfeud.
  8. the ginge... performance, like the green before it, has always been enough to keep me happy, and i've never downloaded one version and thought "i'm not too keen, i should change" (unlike others i've tried...cm7 i'm looking at you). tried gsf once and my blade threw a fit. probably not gsf's fault, but i can happily recommend blue ginger
  9. I thought i should mention that for some reason my gps is massively out, reporting me as being in the Devonshire Arms Country House near Skipton, rather than four and a half hours away in Perth, Scotland. It isn't a problem for me as i don't use the gps for anything, but it did depress me a little as the Devonshire Arms sounds quite nice. Other than that i've been well served by this line of roms, and the green that preceeded it, and hope the constant clamour for releases isn't making your wee head explode and thanks to unrandom sam, it was the busybox that solved it. no idea why that didn't occur to me at the time, but i still get a wee bit panicky every time i fiddle with my preciousssss
  10. excellent, downloading now thanks for your and everyone elses continued hard work keeping the blade up to date, it's very much appreciated.
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