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  1. Wow, I thought Acer must have quit the Android phone business. So why did they dump all those Liquid-MTs here in Australia at bargain-basement prices?
  2. Why bother? Unless you are going to re-partition the device, or move other programs into the system partition, it will not provide more space in /data.
  3. Does that do anything aside from giving you Chinese text? Both ROMs seem to work on my Aus phone.
  4. I had a GEN1 2.3.4 ROM installed earlier and it worked. Perhaps it meant I was limited to 2100MHz 3G, no 850? Thats flash, not RAM. The MT has 512MB of RAM as well, which seems OK. If you run out of RAM, it will start killing apps that you have paused in the background. You can free up flash by deleting acer apps, and moving others to the SD card.
  5. I have the same 3.027 ROM, and it is working OK. But SD Download Mode is broken since installing it. I get: and constant vibrate until I pull the battery out.
  6. Not even custom - upgrading to a newer Acer ROM will unlock and remove the Telstra junk. No root needed even. So easy it could become very popular here. I was nearly going to buy something like a Nexus-S, Galaxy-S etc, but wanted the 850MHz band for Vodafone and NextG. The Liquid MT is perfect at a fraction of the price - $128.
  7. EDIT: sorry, re-read the thread and answer staring me in the face. Toggle signature verify. I did not need this with previous ROM. ------- I was able to root the 2.3.5 ROM following this method. But now I have SDs_Acer_LiquidMT_3.027.01_EMEA-GEN1_03.27.01.zip installed, and the recovery RecoveryMT-2.2.zip gives a verification error trying to install su- from the SD card: fixed! Next problem - why is SD download mode broken for me in this ROM?
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