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  1. http://www.multiupload.com/564T6TLUD8 try this.
  2. you can use flashtool.downgrade to 2.1, root, xrec aaaaaannnnd trips rom! tadaaaaa ... soo trips ... now it´s your time ... suprise us!: i know you can do this.
  3. are there any news about trips roms?
  4. nice to hear something about trip ;)
  5. got +1 from me ;) you must change your baseband to .65 ... and not the tripnbb ;)the regulary baseband.you can found it on third post.
  6. no you did not have a wrong result. 2.2 is final ... 2.3 is beta ... in 2.3 there is a lot of work to do and that´s the reason why you see green screen and have a laggy rom.
  7. can´t wait ... but don´t hear to me ... take your time master! build a really good rom with all working like your froyo ... and then release it! we can wait ;) se - trip : 0: 2 now ;) he has released gingerbread before se thats the first ^^ second is the very cool rom :D but is there any eta?can´t await it ^^ wayne? he isn´t british
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