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  1. I've tried volume down and power. it doesn't work. Just gets stuck on the huawei logo.
  2. i have tried to hold down the volume button and power. but it just stops on the huawei logo.
  3. do all notes have the same tray. i have a note n7000 that has a faulty sim tray
  4. I spoke to zte rep. She said no tegra 3 device this year. And grand x will be on all networks except o2
  5. I hope you test these out. And do you think zte's claim as the grande x being an amazing gaming device actually true.
  6. yeah im still hoping the zte era comes out. it is similar size, but far superior
  7. the screen resolution is better. I calculated it to have : 256 (pixel density) compared to 233
  8. look at the htc one v. its selling for over £200
  9. The amount of ram depend. The Huawei g300 had around 300 mb usable ram. of which half was free. so i hope, just like the zte blade more we get more then 400 mb ram. And mixed with the tegra2 and ics, i hope this phone is smooth.
  10. i will be buying this. Yes 512 mb ram is low. and the advanced gaming phone thing should not the slogan. they had professor green introducing the phone, which is cool. i like zte devices generally, just hoping the excellent people on this forum will hack the C*** out of this. Custom roms will be very good on this
  11. NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO. i hope its a tegra 3. and it is being released tomorrow
  12. bro put it up on gumtree. i sold mine, but the idiot is selling it for more :(
  13. paul i think i would try it. Just that Acer hasnt done too good with phones
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