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  1. Hi, Not sure if you have got it sorted yet but if not then I will just post a quick tutorial for you. Firstly, ensure you have properly rooted the phone. The best way to root the phone which I have used is SuperOneClick ftp://shortfuse.org/...1-ShortFuse.zip Extract it to your desktop and the open the program. Once opened, grab hold of your phone and go to > Settings > Applications > Development and ensure USB debugging is UNchecked. Leave the menu open. Connect your phone and if it prompts to mount press don't mount. Press Root in SuperOneClick. As soon as it says "Waiting for Device" enable USB Debugging. Just follow the steps and you will have successfully rooted your phone. Don't forget to reboot. Congratulations. Next step is to install the recovery. Download http://android.podtw...ager_v0.36b.zip and also http://www.mediafire...2fhj41ljjbvy7i1 Extract the Recovery Manager and place the .apk file along with the .img file on the root of you SD Card. Install recovery manager then press the recovery tab and press install recovery. Nearly done now. Find the ROM you want There is a list of available ones here: http://android.modac...n-roms-to-date/ Once you have downloaded the ROM, don't extract the zip just rename it to update.zip and place it on the root of you SD Card. Turn your phone off. Hold down the - volume button and press the power button. You will be presented with the recovery menu. Use the volume buttons to go up and down and the call button to select and end to go back. First select backup. After that's done go to "Wipe Data/Factory Reset". Once that is done select apply update.zip. You have now successfully flashed your ZTE Racer Enjoyyyy
  2. Hi, Here is my ZTE Racer Dump. It is a Three (UK) ZTE Racer. http://www.mediafire.com/?hc4a97ynrj67by6 Hope it is of any use
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