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  1. Hi ive installed essential v2 with pure performance x and celsteal kernal so logicly it shud speed up my y300 but when i load games not big power hungry 3d games just fmh2014 it takes ages to load yet when i just flash essential v2 on it own with out any tweaks or kernal flashing the rom seems abit quicker without mods
  2. I have same issue with 3g can use browser but cant send sms or call on 3g but i can call and sms on 2g
  3. Flashed latest build all is well no lag and no random reboots 1st time ive ever flashed a kitkat rom
  4. sorry for interrupting but may I ask a question??? ive flashed the latest clockworkmod to my y300 and im trying to install cm10.2 but it comes up with a error about how I can describe as a phone model error like it pops up sayin u8833 and u8950 the g510 isit?? but any help would be great
  5. Whats a good combo for schedular and cpu gov I have the same 300mb ram in use
  6. Great rom smooth n fast it is even better when nova is installed and does anyone know wer i can find stock radio and music apk edit: dos this rom have high ram usage because mine is always over 310mb used and I havnt installed any other apps
  7. can anyone recommend cpu settings for this rom any good combinations???? thanks
  8. Actualy you can use dc unlocker to view the bootloader code i even read the tutorial fully and that website you posted it says ive entered the rong product id even tho i read the product id off ma fone why ami havin the problem putting product id its the rite code 100%
  9. hi just a quick couple of questions am trying to bootloader unlock my y300-100 but its taken ages form Huawei so can I bootloader unlock with dc unlocker and can I do it on windows 8??? and do I have to pay for the bootloader unlock from dc unlocker I have root but I need a recovery lol hope use lot on ere can shed some light
  10. Why are 3d graphics slow to render on this boulder im only getting 7fps on project sarah is this normal???
  11. Hi all is working great but why is 3d fps only at 7
  12. Thank you and i guess this app atuomates the proses wich we had to do manualy if that makes sence and keep up the good work
  13. I probs do need instructions to do this coz ive never multiboot before on any device I take it tha this app makes the multiboot folder on sd etc etc
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