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  1. Hey Paul, any chance we see some mcr dev progress arround here? Missing the good work.
  2. Updated Chronus to latest release (2.2.2a) from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2186734 by replacing LockClock.apk and setting permissions right in /system/app using root explorer. Weather info works again.
  3. Have you selected the camera app in the online kitchen for the downloaded image?
  4. Just found one minor issue with Chronus: weather info doesn't come through (no data. click to renew). Have this on GN as well (clear app cache+data = nogo). On N10, Chronus 1.0 displays weather info fine.
  5. Updated to latest kitchen update for jr5. Browser continues to FC even after app cache clear, so adobe flash flayer cannot be configured.
  6. Updated my GN to jr17 without any problems during testing. Excellent job, Paul!
  7. Had to reinstall everything because of unit replacement due to continuing battery problems. unlock, root and install jr18 went ok. Tested all my apps this weekend without an issue. Also reinstalled adobe flash player apk after removal without problems.
  8. Browser 4.2.2 eng.root.MCR fc's in jr5. So Adobe flash player cannot be configured.
  9. Any chance we get to see some future updates for Nexus 10 ?
  10. My mistake, GetRIL indicates RIL/Baseband don't match but I selected the option XXLJ1 in the online kitchen. That's why ;) However, they seem to work well all together.
  11. We sincerely hope you can get hold of another model because we all depend on your good work! Noticed that standard browser FC's and Chrome immediately closes in current release. Wallet gets included even if you don't select it in the kitchen.
  12. The RIL XXLH1 and the radio XXLJ1 Baseband. Shouldn't they ? But for the rest all seems to work fine! Thx Paul. Standard gallery doesn't seem to have any issues.
  13. online kitchen option [Menu button on right hand side (stock style) - navigation bar always at bottom (stock style) - wide button layout installed to /system partition] cannot be selected. offline gallery still doesn't work (FC's).
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