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  1. I tried to format it at Liquid(OS/Recovery) In CM9, it fail. In Recovery, it can format the SD card, But can't read at CM9/Computer Format at Linux, it works, but have the problem i said..... Maybe i need to change another SD card for testing.....
  2. I would like to ask is there any one get the SD card problem? I am using the 4pda CM9 ROM, when i has a heavy IO on SD card, My liquid will hand up and no response. I dunno it is the SD card problem / machine problem / ROM Problem... Any one got the same problem?
  3. Find another bugs.. 1) Sometime reboot will freeze 2) Sometime can't switch on Bluetooth at my LiquidE But it works after switch off and restart the phone And one more things... some time it will show not insert SIM....
  4. I got SIM Unlock PIN request after I flash the beta4 ROM But my LiquidE is not SIM Locked. After a reboot it seems fixed. Is this a bug?
  5. The first impression of the rom is The beta3 is faster then beta2 a lots! But i got a problem, while i copy a large file to the SD card(nandroid backup), after a wile it will disconnect the USB device or reboot then got an error message I dunno it cause by the rom or cos by the Android File Transfer on MAC Anyone got the same problem?
  6. I would like to ask anyone get a random reboot? It seems appear after i use a2sd On the other hand, how anyone get problem after a2sd need to generate the app data after reboot?
  7. I just flash the CM9 beta2, I find out there there has some problem: 1) sometime will lag at read the SD Card 2)After i use a2sd, it will gen the cache again when i reboot 3)Google+ will got error when login...
  8. I find out the problem which is i need to Flash the rom but not nandroid it....
  9. I got an error as follow: Error : run 'nandroid-mobile.sh restore' via console! Any one help? i run it at Liquid E with Malea Recovery 6.2 P.S. I use the NEW(good battery drain, beats audio) one nandroid file to restore
  10. It is an hardware problem, I meet it several time and take it to ACER to replace the 3.5mm module(Which include wifi, gps and BT in the same board)
  11. I have a little bit interest in your project, but how can i start the project? I am really green on Android System Programming.
  12. The music playback bug in 1.7 appear again. While playing music it will suddenly stop about 0.5 second and play again. Hope can fix this bug again Thanks a lot for the ROM
  13. I would like to ask when will have a next rom update? Is there any method to fix the Music playing problem? Thanks for your ROM
  14. I just find a bug in №87 build which is i can't enable WiFi Tethering on my liquid which is using GPRS, it will keep loading and loading but can't set the state to On. I dunno will №91 fix the bug and i will try it now. Thanks for your rom and support(:D)v
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