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  1. Only works with gingerbread MIUI be careful http://www.mediafire.com/?454v4s7jqkatsh6
  2. Yes you can. Perfect. thank you
  3. Thank you for your comments I tried to fix the white background but I am no longer on the trip Rom I can not test it. I hope it will work do not hesitate to change the file if you want. thank you again. cordially.Sorry for my bad english. DOWNLOAD LINK http://www.mediafire.com/?jp128qa2w9qyb4z
  4. Release works perfectly TripNmiui 1.7 with lockscreen ^^ enjoy all DOWNLOAD LINK http://www.mediafire.com/?qmq25wsggx0brpy
  5. Coming soon theme for iris 1.7
  6. TripNmiui 1.7 My deviantart
  7. TRIPNMIUI 1.6.5 rom launcher pro plus
  8. TripN miui 1.6.5 launcher pro plus
  9. Yes thank you very much. I only use the MIUI rom recently , other one was done with the CM6 of wolfbreack and launcher pro plus...
  10. These are true screen shots from my phone what the problem? These themes are all about me...sorry for my bad english i'm french and i am a webdesigner

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