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  1. I've been a "dedicated user" of GSF roms, and turned into a "devoted CFX user" some months ago... tilal6991, thank you, so much, for your work/time/patience. :)
  2. Updated to the last build, from "31/05", and it is sweet!... B) GPS locked in about 20 seconds. Animations appear fluid, faster than before. Tilal6991, thaks for the transparent status bar mate. BIG thumbs up! :lol:
  3. So... that means "no transparent status bar", right?... or is it still possible?
  4. I would love to see my background behind the status bar, at the upper end of the phone; can you make it semi-transparent? (50~60% maybe) Still enjoying your work, mate! Keep it up. :)
  5. Good to know!... :D Now, if only I could download it from the first post...... has anyone got a mirror? :P
  6. I've been a bit out of touch with this ROM, for the last couple of weeks... so... Is there any valid reason to update from 31/05 to the latest iteration of CFX? Any feedback on your part...? Thank you in advance, guys. :)
  7. Good tip, mrcake. I would, anyway, prefer to stick with CFX... but I won't be pursuing this subject for now.
  8. KonstaT, First of all, thanks for your answer! I will look into it. ^_^ (and if I can't get it figured out, I will come back here and ask for your help...) So, that means there is no "uot-like" site for ICS, right?... Real shame. Once again, thank you. B)
  9. I've looked around, even went on to UOT, but couldn't find any thing like this. (at least, not for ICS based ROMS) I'm now using ColdFusionX (by Tilal) and would love it if my topbar (aka status bar/notification bar) was transparent...let's say by 50%. Has anyone got a solution? Which files should I edit? Is there any software available to do this? Can you guys help me out?... Thanks in advance! B)
  10. Usually, by the end of a normal day, I have something between 15% and 40%. Are you saying yours lasts longer or the other way around?
  11. A quick question about the last update: Does it include s2e or will I need to reflash simple2ext-v4 after the rom itself? I now have all my apps transferred to mSD, and I need them, as anyone can imagine. :P Thanks for the update Tilal! ^_^
  12. 你已经得到了一些神经,说有人正在泥泞地说...本次论坛上有你的名字,我相信你应该闭嘴。 Translation: just shut it, mate. And while you're at it, change your forum name. Kind of offensive, you know?
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