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  1. on green v4 and gsf b19 i used to move dalvik cache and all application to patrition.first i had s2e(for green) and it worked excellent,after i flashed gsf b19 and i used a2sdgui darktremor,which is very good.but now i have b21 and a2sdgui doesn't work,i don't know why but when i know i will use it.so you unterstand that i have no problem
  2. can you explain me how to install this mod?i have gsf b21 edit.ok i finally fix it..it's very good!!
  3. i try to install this mod but it say that the application doesn't install.do you know why?i had flash the rom two days ago.is that a problem?(you say Flash this mod after first boot.)
  4. hello!excellent rom but i have a problem with the sound of sms.when received sms the phone don't ring.i check the setting options but nothing.could you help me?
  5. This is an awesome rom! The only problem I have is this: When handsfree is connected to the mobile (the cable one that comes with the phone) and someone calls me, the phone does not ring, there's a sound only through the handsfree speakers themselves, nothing else. Is this normal?

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