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  1. Yeah 2.1 Sucks c*** it's lagging like hell I can't even describe how much I hate it =/ .... I hope 2.3 will be better ... if not i'll stay on my 2.2 CM =)
  2. English: Nice ROM Wolf, works just nice with FreeKernel =) haven't got any FC or disconnects ! Animations work, Battery is okay. Greetings, McBing German: Nice ROM Wolf, läuft wie geschmiert mit FreeKernel =) keine FCs oder disconnects! Animationen funktionieren und Batterie ist auch ok ! Grüße, McBing
  3. OH! I had this once for myself.... That was the day my akku (battery) died and I bought a second one!... After this I had to use the Flashtool and Flash it all new... now it's working again~!
  4. Well I still hope to see the update uploaded for everyone! Haters will always hate, so just ignore them! I really hope this ROM isn't the last thing the X10 Community hears/sees/reads from you.
  5. At least you could be so nice and (if the camera is working in this rom) share your source code with the other Gingerbread x10 devs .... Because I don't think your update will be here before the official GB update ....Or co-op with Wolfbreak or something dunno ... but teasing everyone and then something like this ist just....horrible! greetings from germany McBing
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