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  1. Hi there, yesterday, i've downgraded from Android V2.2 to 1.31x, then i've flashed the cyanogenmod 7.0.3 - so far, so good After rebooting the Legend, it was starting to reboot again and again (HTC Logo shows up, reboot, HTC Logo shows up, reboot ... ) Cyanogenmod starts when USB is connected to the Computer (or Charger) Cyanogenmod does not recognize the SD Card, so that i am not able to run any update.zip files (to maybe get out of this mess ^^) USB Connection is also not working - i suggest due to wrong/mising drivers, but haven't found anything yet The third thing i've found is that the ROM Manager isn't installed in the system anymore not in Superuser and (due to the missing update.zip) also not in Recovery mode So currently i can't connect to the File system from external sources and need help - what is your suggestion for the best way to get into the system? I suggest some new/updated USB drivers might be helpful, but i do not know where to get them ... but i am also open for any other options :)

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