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  1. can be deleted with "Absolute System" but delete what? dev/block/mtdblock7 / cache there is no "cache" dev/block/mtdblock6 / cache there is no "cache" either. sys/dev/block/mtdblock6 in there in Subsystem mtdblock6 loop? Any ideas? Nexus
  2. hello, I m able to free a cache which allows me to download all small applications on the market
  3. Salut,

    J'ai le même soucis que Deepfabry avec le cache

    plus moyen de télécharger sur le market

    Une idée?


  4. I think I succeeded I hold you up to date
  5. please please I'm confused with the cache! I falsh and re-flash and no way to reverse the order fastboot ... to clear the cache do not work my English is a means sorry
  6. toujours en attente waiting for device
  7. hello, Since the installation of gingerounay 2.0, I can not download on the market, an idea? Nexus
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