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  1. Which Vega racer 2 the a830s or a830l got these sms/mms problem? Can't send any sms beside korean english and chinese? The S version is selling petty well here in hong kong (but not as good as the LG optimus lte 2 with a massive 2gb ram) with a build in 1800 mhz 4g lte support which a few telco's 4G network are on here and no problem on chinese/english sms (although 80% of the mobile user with data plan use whatsapp instead of SMS nowadays)
  2. There's loads of 1999 rmb dual core phones coming out within these 2-3 month in China (most of them ain't international well known brand) Just announce yesterday, there's a 1999 RMB using quad core Terga 3, 1g ram, 16g rom, 4.5" IPS 720p screen from K-touch runing android 4.0 and they're accpecting pre-orders via their site now and expect to start shipping 16th Aug. There's also a lot of 999 rmb - 1499 rmb MTK 6577 dual core phone with dual sim(wcdmq/gsm) support, 512m/1g ram 4/8/16 g ROM, qHD IPS mon anounced and expect to hit the market within August.
  3. thanks! it's definitely faster than the build in ADW on LiquidNext!
  4. I set all the settings as your screenshot, check the set on boot box, apply and quit the app. Then get back in incredicontrol without any reboot, the settings are all reset, set on boot isn't selected anymore, but i can still overclock to 1228 with setCPU, and cm setting shown I'm on 1228 as well. everything works fine. but once I reboot, and after it's done booting up, I straight to setcpu and overclock to 1228, it just hang, I need to pull the battery, then try it on CM settings again after the reboot, it's excatly the same so the set on boot setting in increditcontrol apprently not working. I have LNP installed but doesn't enable the use undervolt settings in it. Really don't know what cause this.
  5. GREAT APP! mine can run @1228, and it's flying! but, my settings wont save after every reboot, even I Set on boot, I'm on liquidnext mix 1.9.2 with a2sd do any of you got the same problem as mine?
  6. O.. my mistake, how about cloudmobile? I think none of the new android phone actually use this old Qualcomm QSD 8250 anymore
  7. I think Acer Liquid Glow Leak is the one we're most looking forward to? cuz I saw a pic in MWC said it use Qualcomm 8250 as well
  8. LUVLiquid


    Then the phone respond will be a lot slower if you move dalvik cache to the EXT partition
  9. how about dalvik cache? are your's on internal memory or SD-EXT?
  10. so your A1 is bricked now? can't power up, can't even flash any bin via Acer Download Tool? which bin are you on, 4.008.08.EMEA.VFIT? I'm on liquidnextmix darktremor a2sd version as well! but which bin are you on, 4.008.08.EMEA.VFIT?
  11. A little question before flashing this CM9 on my A1 256 ram and a CWM Recovery switch over If I'm on LN 1.9.2, then I installed the CWM Recovery, will I be able to made a backup in CWM with my old LN 1.9.2 and restore it later with CWM? secondly, If I already partition my SD card in malez, (with swap and EXT) do I have to repartition in CWM?
  12. Please be grateful appreciate what the Devs done. and don't bitch about the file hosting problem only you're experiencing.. (if you're from mainland china or anly other countries which blocked mirrorcreater, please blame the government/isp not thepasto.) and here's the mediafire link you are looking for from http://mir.cr/0MDURVDD which I have no problem on accessing it. http://www.mediafire...5nm8siz5chmmmgb
  13. Anyone tried the 720p video playback? Does it support hardware accelerate?
  14. thx thepasto, thanks all the DEV! can't wait for this to be release!!!!!
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