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  1. I think it's an awesome spreadsheet. I'm not sure what the blank fields mean? Do they mean that you don't know if it supports it. I can tell you that T&L supports GPS, camera, and camcorder and LED's if you want to update the spreadsheet.
  2. It's amazing that you guys have come so far. I remember when you originally tried to move to Ice Cream Sandwich it was deemed impossible right off the bat. Here you have it 90% working and have gone way past the expectations. Good attempt at doing the impossible folks.
  3. Same problem. Moment I install it does an update to newest store. :(. I'm using Galaxy Nexus with aopk 4.04. Any way to stop the update?
  4. SPB Shell is awesome but had to overclock the device to 1ghz to get it to run smoothly with the metal rom. Haven't tried any other roms with it so don't know if overclocking is required for them all.
  5. It was tough but here are the 5 I am guaranteed to use every day. XBMC Remote JeFit MapMyRide Pocket (Stores my personal information) TuneIn Radio
  6. Can the site moderator make a more complete set of bins (like 4.000.13.EMEA.GEN1) and also have an article pinned at top for all the different possible roms and links to the forums. It's so hard to find all the roms. I can't even find the ginger rom and had to search for it. Those that are new to acer I can eventually see the Miui rom getting lost in the shuffle even though it is a great rom.
  7. This is more of a work around and less of a fix. But I installed the APN Manager. I use the program because after I flash a new rom usually my apn is lost. This allows me to easily restore it. But it may fix your issues.
  8. I bought mine through ADVERTISING SPAM (http://www.ADVERTISING SPAM.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=10100000_400000_11001134&products_id=32104). It's not bad but it had a few problems now that I have used it. The biggest problem with it is how tight it holds the phone. When you first get it the sleeve holds the phone in tight. But after a few weeks it becomes extremely loose. It's only been an issue when I have taken off the phone If not enough pressure has been applied the phone will just fly out.
  9. I came across this article from Acer (http://www.digitimes.com/news/a20111225PD200.html). It mentions that Acer has a firm commitment to smartphones and tablets. This is a great announcement from Acer and it's one of the steps I outlined in a previous post about Acer getting the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. My fingers are crossed hoping that they do come out with it.
  10. I like T&L the best because the battery life seems to be a little longer then Gingerounay. Battery life for me is my number 1 priority.
  11. This is just my opinion and speculation on the Acer phone but I wanted to give my 2 cents. When a company gets into an already established cellphone like Android they have to expect to be in it for the long hall. People are signing up for 2-3 year contract commitments with there phone. If Acers commitment is true then I would expect to see 2 major OS updates. They have already gone from Froyo to Gingerbread. If they are true to there commitment I can see them going to Ice Cream. The bad news is that they may not be very commited. I haven't heard any information about Acer releasing a new phone. This is still an amazing phone but other companies are always talking about the next version. What they are coming out with in the future. Acer hasn't made any comments about continuing the liquid saga with a new phone. It has been over a year with no news about it's next iteration so Acer might be getting out of the business. If Acer gets out of the cell phone business then they have no reason to be committed to there current Acer metal. Hence no Ice Cream for you.
  12. I tried the market enabled and found out my default setting is 302660. I tried the Rogers one and verizon and the problem continued. The phone was bought in Canada right from Rogers. They have not officially released Gingerbread 3.3.6 here. So I used the one that was posted on the board. I'm wondering if the one posted on the board makes Canada not compatible. So I decided to install a different Rom. I installed Metal. Bang, it started to work. Could it be that the rom Acer_LiquidMT_4.000.13_EMEA-GEN1 that I downloaded off of this board could have been the issue? I thought I had used that one in the past without any trouble with the market (not that I would ever trust my memory). Tomorrow night I might install Acer_LiquidMT_4.000.01_AAP-GEN2_03.28.01 to see if that one works any better. I'm not sure if this gen2 is 2.3.6 though. I'm not a big fan of of the metal rom because of battery life. All of the roms don't seem to be as good on battery life as the one release from Acer. :(
  13. Although this may not be the best place to ask this as I am convinced it has something to do with my Google account but I have become a frequent visitor of this site on nearly a daily basis to find upgrades/roms/news about the my Acer Liquid Metal. I trust this community and hope you will be able to give me the help necessary to fix my problem. I go into the Google Market on my Android with Acers stock Rom 2.3.6. When I go into My Apps it says "Applications and games owned by this account will appear hear. Then gives a button for browse apps and one for browse games. Both buttons just take me to featured sections of apps or games on the marketplace. I've done a lot on my own to try to fix it. I have reinstalled firmware. Done a factory reset. Cleared cache/history using Recovery LiquidMT v3. When I go to the android marketplace website it does give me a listing of all my purchases. When I go the marketplace on the phone and search for one of my installed programs it says "installed" or purchased just as it should. It will allow me to manually update the apps from here. I've also tried the titanium backup market place fix. I don't know what it was suppose to do but it didn't fix this issue. I have downloaded marketplace from xda-develerops to see if it made a difference. The store looks difference but when I try and bring up my apps it just shows a blank screen. One thing I noticed that was strange. After a re-installation of firmware and factory reset I opened up the marketplace. It had my apps in there for a brief second. But then the marketplace did an update and was no longer available. I've frozen market update, and uninstalled the market update. This allowed me to use the old marketplace but it's still not showing my apps. Any help will be much appreciated. I am almost at a point where I will create a new google account and move all my apps over. I'm not even sure if that's possible though or if that will fix the issue.
  14. I"m using the new 2.3.5 and haven't experienced this problem. I constantly turn off the mobile network because it eats up a lot of battery life when it doesn't have access to a cell tower. But it turns on without any trouble.
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