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  1. Hello, I´m searching for an NAND Backup from ZTE Racer II for CWM Recovery. I Messed some things up, and now i need an Backup. (I wasn´t smart enough to make one, before playing around with critical data) So could please someone with an ZTE Racer II make a NAND Backup and upload it? This would be really great. Whitecookie :-D
  2. :P I didn´t thought about it!!! On ZTE Racer II the SD cannot be mounted from cwm. So: how CWM can create files on SD, if it can´t mount the SD?? :blink:
  3. Just read that on Google+... If someone could port the newest CWM-recovery, we could simply exchange each others Roms!!!! https://plus.google.com/u/0/103583939320326217147/posts/R4v7AFwzG6k
  4. Ok... like i said... I have the Romdump from the greek guy. How can i simply install that romdump on my phone????
  5. I have the romdump from the Greek guy... but the system folder is in .tar format "system.tar" and some apps and files in there are .odex... If i´m not wrong, i cannot simply take the system.tar and unpack it with winrar
  6. Have i only too take a rootexplorer and copy my whole System folder to Pc, add META-INF (updater-scripts...) and also put boot.img into the root directory of the flashable .zip??? And: could you say me how to flash the rom-dumps from the link, that you gave me?
  7. Yes, i know... but i have not a single Rom as Base to modify... The CWM-backups are all in .img fromat and the romdumps also only contain .img files or odexed apps... so how to extract a fully working rom from that files??? :huh:
  8. Ok... new Idea... I want to make a custom Rom, only for ZTE Racer II.... Is it possible to take a romdump, or a CWM-Nandroid backup, extract them, modify them and create a flashable .zip???
  9. Ok... i found a Clockwork-Recovery Backup on the web. I installed id with CWM and took the boot.img and recovery.img from the Greek dump in this forum. The Phone boots now!!!! But there is one problem left :( - i can only set english or serbian language. This would be not that bad, if it were my phone, but because it belongs to my brother, it would be better if i could take "german" as system language... Any solution? :huh:
  10. Hm.... now i flashed a optimized recovery for gen2 devices and it works now.... I can enter recovery and flash Roms... so i tried to flash your MIUI-Rom. The installation goes fine, but if it comes to the point, where it should recognize wether my phone is gen1 or gen2, it selects gen1 and flashes the wrong boot.img!!! But my phone is definitely gen2!!! So i downloaded the other kernel for gen1/gen2 phones and it recognizes the phone as gen2... but after reboot i get the zte screen again. I´m getting crazy!!!!
  11. Hello guys, normally i have a Xperia x10i and am not active in the Racer forum, but today i need your help.... My brother got a ZTE Racer II with 2.2 as original firmware and asked me to install a custom Rom on his device. So i took the SuperOneClick Tool and rooted the Racer first. Then i installed the App "Recovery Manager" , downloaded the Clockworkmod Recovery and tried to install it trough the App. At least i clicked on reboot into recovery. Now my Problem: If i power on the Phone, it goes not further than the green Android. If i plug the charger, it powers on and shows me a battery, but does not boot after all. If i try to enter recovery, its the same like only power on the phone.... So i tried to install another recovery with fastboot. It seems to installing but if i write "fastboot reboot", the phone restarts and shows me the battery again.... What should i do?
  12. The Desing is great at all of them.... but the technical details sounding a little bit utopian :blink:
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