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    I like both Maxthon and Opera, and both work well with Vegacomb
  2. Thanks guys. So, I *could* buy a 2nd hand vega with a damaged LCD panel and, as long as the glass isnt cracked, fit my Vega's guts into it......? Interesting. Not had a decent little hardware project since I made a working laptop from the guts of two non-working ones.... eBay here I come.... Rob
  3. I've read with interest the tales of poor souls who have had their screens damaged and have yet to find a solution to resolve it. And then... boom... a heavy football trophy was knocked off a chest of drawers onto my Vega and cracked the glass. The screen is undamaged, and the digitiser still tracks properly. All that has happened is that the trophy seems to have hit right on the right hand edge of the black surround/frame, and has "spiderwebbed" half way across the screen. Slivers of glass are removable from within the webbing. Is this simply a case of calling in at my local glass merchant, getting them to cut a piece to fit (in the same thickness/weight, and pick all the broken pieces off the unit and fit the replacement? Has anyone successfully done this? Thoughts appreciated. Rob
  4. PC World in Doncaster has them in stock. Just spotted them.
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