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  1. Turning off smart stay in display settings fixed this issue for me!
  2. Cheers @The Soup Thief for the mirror!
  3. Can someone mirror the rooted flashable zip? Goo.im is pretty much dead :(
  4. I'm gonna give a port a go, not promising anything though :P
  5. Back ordering for 3 weeks, certainly won't be available for at least 3 weeks then :( http://www.slashgear.com/nexus-4-on-backorder-for-3-weeks-15257268/
  6. What about this? http://android-sale.com/newman-n2.html
  7. I know, do google not realise that if only they were to include a micro sd-card slot that the nexus 4 would be the ultimate device? I am just tempted to get the nexus 4 because of the amazing specs to price ratio and i am fed up of constantly having an under-powered phone xD. It would have to be the 16gb version though as I need more than 5gb of storage. That said if ZTE release the era before the nexus 4 then I think i shall go for the era as its specs are not much less than that of the nexus 4. This is only if the era is offered at £200 or less sim-free. Come on ZTE, they've got the marketing all wrong, now lets see if they can make up for the incredibly long wait with an incredible price? Edit: The way to get around the nexus 4's lack of internal storage would be to have a tiny microusb memory stick (I know they are sadly not available) plugged into the device or some how integrated into a case. Just throwing ideas about :P Some good ideas and creations were being thrown about here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1778909
  8. Personally i think that ZTE's idiocy is finally catching up on them because even if they do release the era for a price of £200 who's going to buy that over the nexus 4 unless of course they want a micro sd card?
  9. Talking of HTC i'm off to get the HTC Desire X as soon as I have the money - its £190 on vodafone atm, quite a steal if I'm honest!
  10. Hi there sorry for not releasing another version when i said, it is more complex linking in the zte crescent app than i thought and i am suddenly pretty busy with uni, so i wont promise dates anymore.
  11. It is I know :/ I'm basing my port off CM10 and the Nexus S aswell, my device is close to booting and i'll report back to you to tell you what works.
  12. Hi there, very sorry, university is keeping me very busy! :P I will upload a new version with the crescentparts app for proximity sensor calibration and a few other tweaks and clean ups, other than that work is progressing the jelly bean MIUI port, I have no idea whether it will work yet.
  13. Yes, I will definitely go on supporting this, and have a go at jelly bean MIUI as well. Thank you, yes forgot to mention that, I will add to first post :)
  14. well thats everything working then, i cant really do much for the ui lag i'm afraid, i'll have a look at memory management but i've got nothing for a new release atm, the other option is to use a 3rd party launcher to avoid the lag, I'm gonna have a look at porting jelly bean miui :P
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