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  1. I had tried 2 versions from there, but they both had a trojan horse virus. I tried 2 more, but, same problem. The MediaFire website apparently has a problem, based on my limited experience. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  2. Where can I get a copy of any ROM later than Android 3.0 for a Vega? The links currently available al point either to a deleted file or to one containing a trojan virus. Can someone please point me to a clean file? I have the original 2.2 working, but want to move on. I did have 4.2 working, but that got scrambled and I do not have the download files. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  3. I have tried iDisplay and it works with the Vega, but gets confused when used from my notebook, which has a 1920 x 1200 display - part of the picture gets lost and there is no mouse. As another thought, could your alternative method be modified to make the Vega work as a monitor for a Raspberry Pi?
  4. My thanks to Gedblake - I followed these instructions, both to install HoneyIce and to fix the Google access problems - all worked nicely and my Vega is now running well.
  5. B) It would help if I were better acquainted with Android - I had not realised that I needed to press the funny icon on the top of the screen! I have now set the BT Bluetooth up correctlt and the Vega recognises the G.sat GPS unit, but the software is telling that 'tracked sats = 0' There are now two bars on the screen, looking like a bar graph, one labelled '19' and the other as '3'. I have found a review of the unit, so will read that, hoping for some info (or inpsiration). Thanks
  6. I have bought a G.sat Bluetooth GPS receiver, since the Wayfarer is no longer available. I tried to follow the instructions, but once the BT GPS Provider is installed, there is NO menu, so I cannot set it up. Is it unhappy because I do not have a Wayfarer? Are there other options please. :)
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