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  1. try this apps "all Firewall + SMS Blocker 1.4 - SmartPhone + MotoQ Versions" you can find it here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...t=call+firewall
  2. Hi Guys, I dont know if Im in the right section, I am a beginner and want to learn; How to Upgrade Samsung OmniaII i8000 Software(OS)/Firmware/ROM? I have a Samsung OmniaII i8000, when I bougth it the running OS is WM6.1, its kinda boring so i decided to upgrade to WM6.5 with the help of a friend(tech guy). When I check it the home interface is a bit different to what I saw in the search engine, its was a HTC interface, I ask my friend if he have a official WM6.5 for omniaII, unfortunately he does not have. Now since this is the case, I decided to do this my self, so far what I got from seaching is this Jack_Windows_Mobile_6_5_Upgrade. My Questions: 1.) does Jack_Windows_Mobile_6_5_Upgrade is the right upgrade for OmniaII here are the WM6.5 OmniaII interface I am looking for: 2.) what tools/sofware should I need to do the Upgrading? My Current OS with HTC Interface: windows mobile 6.5 Professional, OS Version: 5.2.21911 Build 21911.5.0.94 Please... Please... Please help me! I will gladly appreciare your help. Thanks in advance guys. ***I am running a MS windows 7 32bits in my Computer. How to Upgrade Samsung OmniaII i8000 Software(OS)/Firmware/ROM?

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